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Discrimination and insults towards White people have been the norm in our ultra liberal landscape. Recently, a viral Instagram Reel showed a woman complaining that it is at the fault of White people that she is unable to afford a home. She then adds a derogatory word for White people in her conversation. 

The main rhetoric of this is, if White people do come to neighbourhoods, gentrification happens and prices go up. However, if the reverse of that happens, it is White flight and a neighbourhood gets destroyed. For the most part, this topic is rather sensitive as it could grind the gears of people on both ends of the spectrum. 

Furthermore, research done by academicians have shown that the prices of houses do increase at a 6-8% when gentrification happens. Analysing data from 2007 to 2013, the researchers assessed gentrification in Stockholm by population and income growth, factoring in variables like distance to CBD and subway stations. 

The estimated spillover varied across models, with hedonic price models indicating higher effects (around 6%-8%), and TE models suggesting lower impacts. Understanding gentrification’s spillover aids municipalities in formulating effective policies, leveraging tax revenue, and mitigating adverse effects like displacement. Further research should delve into whether income-driven gentrification stems from pre-existing or newly arrived households to address potential displacement concerns.

However, there is currently a lack of studies done for gentrification happening in America. Despite this, most conservatives feel it is unfair for the woman to make such remarks about White people. 

X users angry at woman calling White people derogatory term 

Those on X state that the woman is giving cultural appropriation by having blonde hair, a trait that is most common among those with European origins. Several other comments like these can be found in the comments section. For the most part, these users are relaying what ultra liberal people are constantly saying. 

Following that, X users state that if the woman did not spend her money on a expensive smartphone, nose rings and her clothes, she could probably be able to afford rent. Several others made inappropriate comments regarding the woman claiming she “stole” these items, which is also not fair to the woman as well. 


Others are calling this situation as “racist” and state that blaming an entire racial group for their personal problems in this day and age is weak. Unfortunately, in the past, there were laws in place to oppress the minorities in America. However, it is a different ball game today. Regardless, most conservatives regardless of their race appear to be fed up with this liberal mindset. 

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