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Viral video: Filipino woman abuses shopkeepers because they refuse to accept her old $1 coin




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A video of a shouting-match between a Filipino woman and shopkeepers over an old dollar coin has gone viral. The woman can be seen yelling at the cashiers of the shop in both English and Tagalog because they refuse to accept her old coin, while she claims that she received the coin from the shop a week ago.

The video, shared on Facebook page All Singapore Stuff yesterday, went viral within a matter of hours with netizens shaming the woman for her crass behaviour. After about just two hours since it was shared, the video garnered 67,000 views, 1501 shares and some 1000 comments.


At the start of the video, the woman can be seen insisting that she did not receive the coin “one week ago”

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She also adds that if she received the coin “one week ago, I would’ve used it at another shop” by now.

However, the shopkeeper replies to the lady’s husband saying, “Sir, your wife came in with the one dollar and asked if we can accept it or not”.

They then continue arguing that the woman received the coin a week ago. She insists that they “open the camera” to check that it was only yesterday she received it from then.

The woman also yells at the cashiers why they gave her the coin “if it cannot be accepted and if it cannot be returned again”.

Seeing that the cashiers of the store are Filipino, the woman yells in Tagalog, “”You’re so arrogant, you think you’re someone. I’m so, so angry at you!

The woman even scolds the sales assistant saying, “You’re so unclear. You’re an a*****e. Your mom is a w***e”.

At one point through the arguing, the woman says, “You’re the stupid Filipino that I know here in Singapore”.

The video ended with the woman’s husband telling the shopkeepers that the next time they should “just accept the dollar and just change back” since he received it from them. Through this, the woman can still be heard in the background saying how angry and upset she was with the Filipino shopkeepers.

All over a dollar.

Many Filipinas commented on the video at how appalled they were at the woman’s behaviour, and that they were angry about the way she poorly treated a fellow Filipina working in Singapore.



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