Singapore — A video of a wild boar in Sembawang Shoppin Centre wreaking havoc in a clothing store made its way around the Internet and on WhatsApp messenger on Sunday (Aug 15).

While it is unclear where the video was taken, it was purportedly in a Woodlands clothing store. The almost 2-minute-long clip showed the animal coming in from the back of the store and attacking a man who tried to fend off the animal with a chair.

As others nearby tried to help, the boar changed its target, knocking over clothing racks in the process. Those around tried hitting the animal with sticks, with one woman even hitting it with a mannequin, but to no avail.

At the 50-second mark in the clip, the boar then attacked another mannequin before running off through the back of the shop.

As those nearby looked on anxiously, the boar came running back, only to attack another man. It briefly made its way around the shop before running off through the back again and exiting.

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According to, “The wild boar is a native animal of Singapore which can weigh up to 100kg and has a lifespan of over 20 years. They are omnivorous but feed mainly on seeds, tubers and young plants. Each female wild boar can start reproducing at 18 months of age and can produce 4 to 6 piglets a year. Their quick reproduction rates, presence of ideal foraging habitats and the lack of natural predators all contribute to their population growth. These days they are increasingly spotted all over the island”. /TISG