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US traveller in TikTok video says ‘Singapore is the real-life Disney World’ but netizens say ‘try Yishun’

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"it’s also very expensive, just like staying in disney world,” another netizen commented.

SINGAPORE — A couple from the United States is travelling around the world and documenting their journey on TikTok. And while they have many nice things to say about the 100 or more countries they’ve visited, including nearby Malaysia and Thailand, there is something about Singapore that impressed Hudson and Emily a lot more.

In their Dec 22 TikTok video, which has received over 120,000 views, Emily says, “It seems like someone just dreamed up this city and made it happen. Like okay, I have an idea. What if we put a building on top of three other buildings? What if we made huge super trees and made yet another every night free light show? And what if we put a huge waterfall in the middle of an airport?” referring to, of course, Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay and Jewel Changi Airport.


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“This is why I’m convinced Singapore is the real-life Disney World”. She proceeded to list three things that stuck out to her on the first day of their visit, which was spent walking around the city.

First were the “gardens in the sky” or the trees in the corner offices of high-rise buildings.

Second, was the “nightly light & water show in the marina… complete with lasers, dancing fountains, and you feel like you’re in the middle of a Disney park, the only difference is, it’s completely free.”

The third thing she listed is “a dream that became a reality.”

She ends the video by saying she’s “not trying to be controversial with any Disney lovers out there, but prove me wrong”.

Many commented on the video thanking the couple for portraying Singapore in such a positive light.

One said she would “use this to romanticise my singapore life.”

“I am loving all this love Singapore is getting,” wrote another.

Another comment was, “Thank you for this. Proud to be a Singaporean 🇸🇬. On number 3, yes. Someone did dream of it and made it happen. His name was Lee Kuan Yew.”

Several TikTok users, however, urged the couple to go to Yishun or other places in Singapore, which could possibly change their opinion of the country.

“Try visiting the normal neighbourhoods to see the other side of SG,” wrote one.

It’s “also very expensive, just like staying in disney world,” another pointed out, which the vloggers appeared to agree with.

One wrote, “Yes and just like a Disney park you get bored after one or two visits.”



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