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Umno out to erase Mahathir but Malay voter response is cute!

By Cordoba.Ali




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Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad wants the Malay community in Malaysia, the majority Muslim community indeed, to dumb the Umno into the dustbin of history.

But it is harder than anyone think.

The reason: Malays have a strong connection – deep rooted some says – with the Umno.

And the Umno bastion in Johor will testify to the demise of Mahathir’s reign as a Malay politician, says the present Umno leaders.

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To prove their point, they are on a long drawn campaign to undermine and even erase the achievments under Mahathir, reminiscent of the erasing of fallen pharoas.

While Mahathir’s campaign against Prime Minister Najib Razak and the Umno has brought stronger resistance among the Umno grassroots and warlords, the Umno response is even more scathing.

They are accusing Mahathir of many ills and remorses, including that of not having one of his children as a top political figure in the country.

And they are hitting well below the belt attacking Mahathir on past failures while the recent failures under Najib are gleefully painted as things that has past.

A few details are emeging on how the Umno is playing its cards among the Malays, in order not to get dumped by the voters.

And it is hilarious, based on an imaginary conversation between voters of various races.

This first scenario that follows is what Umno is telling the voters at least in peninsular Malaysia, but the response from the Malay voters are cute!

Chopping the wrong hands

Here is a sampling: A Malay voter leaves his house to head – with his wife and children – to the polling booth in a village in Selangor.

While walking, to the polling station, the wife asked the husband: “Is it true the Islamists back-stabbing the opposition?”

Husband: Yes, they are dividing the opposition’s vote to get the Umno to win in our constituency.”

Wife: “But why are they doing that? Why want the Umno to win? We teachers want them to lose, after all the wrong they have done!”

Husband: We can say they are doing wrong but we must understand they do not want the DAP to win also.”

The son intervenes: “But dad, here no DAP, its Mahathir’s party Bersatu against Umno and PAS,”

The father replies, saying Mahathir is now supporting DAP after spending years fighting them. And this is not what the Malays would expect from Mahathir.

Son: But the PAS want to implement Hudud, want to chop hands yet they want to hold Umno’s tainted hands to victory?”

Dad: “Yes, but you know they are also saying Mahathir’s made his children rich. If its not halal, then PAS would be right to get some hands chopped!”

Wife: Yet, the PAS took the 1MDB money? And that is fine?

Sting: I will be watching you!

Dad does not know what to say to that.

They reach the polling station, confused as never before thinking what has happened to the Malays in Malaysia, who are now divided between three or four parties that claim to represent them but half of them are tainted with corruption.

Son: Well, if everybody is corrupt in this country, am going back home and I will not vote!

Mom: No, you should vote for Mahathir. His sons earned their fortunes, but Najib’s son-in-law was ‘gifted’ with 1MDB money.

Dad: You should not speak out loud in public, they will be watching every move you make and will be watching you.

Son: Let me play Police “I will be watching you,” while strolling back home.

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