Entertainment Celebrity There is an interesting character relationship chart in the Tale of the...

There is an interesting character relationship chart in the

The characters become entangled with those from the underworld and this world to create a unique fantasy action romance drama




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An interesting character relationship map has been unveiled in  the upcoming tvN drama.

The ‘urban fantasy drama’ is about a male gumiho (mythical nine-tailed fox) named Yi Yeon () settling in a city.  It is hunted down by the determined fearless producing director Nam Ji Ah ().

Yi Rang, Yi Yeon’s half-brother is played by Kim Bum and is the child of a human and gumiho. 

stars opposite Lee Dong Wook in the upcoming drama. Picture: Instagram

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Yi Yeon and Nam Ji Ah have an interesting ‘pursuit’ relationship where they will be chased respectively.

Yi Rang, a gumiho with a dangerous aura has a cold and tense sibling rivalry with Yi Yeon. Characters that are not human but live in the city as Yi Yeon’s and Yi Rang’s allies also appear on the character chart.

Since his time as the guardian spirit of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range, gumiho Goo Shin Joo (Hwan Hee) has been a loyal subject of Yi Yeon.

He now works as a vet while disguising as a human and he supports Yi Yeon as he gets pursued by Nam Ji Ah.

Like Yi Yeon and Goo Shin Joo, Yi Rang has the loyalty of Ki Yoo Ri (Kim Yong Ji), a gumiho originating from a Russian fox.

Ki Yoo Ri became the director of Mox department store, showing off a lofty charm and enjoying a posh life.

Tal Eui Pa (Kim Jung Nan) and Hyun Eui Ong (Ahn Gil Kang) have been working at the Underworld Immigration Office for 600 years with Yi Yeon as minor government employees.

Both of them show good chemistry as superiors who will reprimand Yi Yeon without hesitation and as co-workers who confide with each other.

Bok Hye Ja (Kim Soo Jin) plays the ‘snail bride’ from a Korean traditional fable and also runs a Korean restaurant while delivering information about monsters and spirits.

The individuals connected to Nam Ji Ah are her parents who disappeared after a mysterious traffic accident 21 years ago and the ones at the broadcasting station working on a show about urban myths that she is directing.

There is also team leader Choi (Joo Suk Tae) who was rumoured to once be a successful PD, scriptwriter Kim Sae Rom (Jung Yi Seo) and assistant director Pyo Jae Hwan (Kim Kang Min) who always quarrel with Nam Ji Ah.

Audiences are wondering what influence they have in finding the truth behind Nam Ji Ah’s missing parents.

The production team said, “We produced a character relationship chart so that viewers can more easily approach this novel universe in which humans and characters from traditions coexist.
The leading characters Yi Yeon, Nam Ji Ah, and Yi Rang will become entangled with characters from the underworld and this world to create a unique fantasy action romance drama. Please look forward to it.”

Tale of the Nine-Tailed premieres October 7. 

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