‘The unimaginable’ kleptocracy

By Howard Lee




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It has been 60 years since we unshackled ourselves from the regime of colonialism, yet we – the people – are still under occupation.

We are being sucked dry of any hope of a better future, even as some pursues their unending glory varnished with pink diamond necklaces and Birkin handbags.

This is unimaginable.

For the kleptocrats, staying in power is about securing immunity from punishment for their endless criminal acts.

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For one, winning the next general election will save him from the bloodthirsty vultures within the party.

For their supporters in the grand coalition, winning will preserve the lucrative and corrupt patronage system that feeds the cycle of their greed.

For some, it will also mean having to lose grasp of all those luxurious and lavish fancy things (like a pink diamond pendant) sponsored by tax payers who thought their money was going to be used to develop the country.

In a nutshell, a victory will preserve the kleptocractic superstructure for at least another half-decade.

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So desperate to win they are that they have resorted to polarize our society by dividing and conquering our people using the one thing that has made our country so special – our diversity.

In doing so, their actions could damage Negara Ku beyond repair.

When they win, Mr. And Mrs. MO1, and their pack of scavenging wolves masquerading as public officials will be emboldened by another ill-begotten victory.

The plunder of unimaginable billions from our national coffers will continue to no end, while legitimate public institutions that need funds to serve the Malaysians suffering in an ailing economy will be hit by austeristy.

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If alliance of hope wins – and that’s an if – it’ll be a victory for all who despise corruption.

The people would have then delivered themselves from a government who sees themselves as master and its citizens as slaves.

We would have rejected the kleptocrat’s brand of divisive politics, and ushered in a new age of progressive and democratic patriotism.

We would have snatched self-determination back for ourselves and from the political powermongers and their capitalist backers.

That’ll be the end of their rentier class of middlemen, their unimaginable web of cronies and their strangehold on the economy.

Well, if that was to happen in , the distinction between ’s political parties and public institutions will be redefined and reinforced.

The Election Commission and Anti Corruption Agency would once again be institutions that work for the people and the country, and no longer merely for the ruling party.

Our leaders will lead with confidence and inspiration, not by fear, extortion or corruption as under .

A victory for Pakatan will be a victory for all Malaysians.

For a long time, it has seemed unlikely – even unimaginable – that Pakatan can win the general election.

After all, we are up against billions of allegedly stolen ringgit spent for electioneering, blatant election rigging through gerrymandering, and a monster political machine that has become one of the world’s longest ruling parties.Follow us on Social Media

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