Singapore ― A Singaporean known as Mave Mason on TikTok has garnered praise for his initiative to gamble for a good cause and give away earnings to those in need.

When it comes to casinos and gambling, there is such a thing as the “house edge,” wherein the house almost always wins, leaving addicted gamblers at a loss.

However, Mave Mason  has beaten the odds by utilising a systematic approach to making money from casinos like Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and sharing his profits with the less fortunate.

Mr Mason’s account teaches the public about safe and smart gaming, based on his experience as a professional baccarat player.

He also pays it forward, such as to a fan who reached out to him for help.

The fan became a single mother in 2016 and had a mom who is blind with bedsores, needing a lot of care.

The woman also shared that her former boss allegedly physically violated her.

“Due to her circumstances, depression and stress of paying all the utilities and phone bills, she tried to take her own life,” wrote Mave Mason in a TikTok video on Sept 7.

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He then went to MBS and earned $3,000 in 10 minutes, helping the woman clear her debts of about $2,095.

Mr Mason had $20,000 capital, more than doubling it in less than half an hour.

Another video, posted on Sept 17, was about a single mother of two who left her abusive husband in Malaysia.

She had no money, housing or job, single-handedly raising her children.

The mother reached out to Mr Mason, requesting necessities like food and a simple job because her tattoos prevented her from getting a stable source of income.

“She just needs to knock off around 6:30 pm to pick her children from school,” he noted.

Mr Mason also surprised the mother with $3,000.

There are so many beautiful things in this world; you are part of it, wrote TikTok user Michellelim6868.

He was also given the title “Robin Hood” by netizens as he offers assistance, whether big or small, to those in need. /TISG

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ByHana O