International Asia S’pore guest blacklisted from after leaving

S’pore guest blacklisted from Bangkok hotel after leaving bad review

Sim Lizhen wrote about her bad experience with the staff as well as blood stained sheets in her room only to be told off and blacklisted by the Front Office Manager of Le Tada Parkview Hotel & Residence




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– What would you do if you lifted the blanket of your bed and saw a bloodstain on the sheets? What about after seeing the housekeeper merely cover the blood-stained mattress protector with a new bedsheet? Leave a negative review, perhaps.

On August 22 (Thursday), member of the public Sim Lizhen went to Facebook to share her experience with a hotel she stayed at in Bangkok.

“When I first chose this hotel on , was also because I only saw good reviews on the website and was reflected as 4 stars,” wrote Sim.

“I have recently booked a hotel in Bangkok through , and upon completion of my stay, I decided to leave a review based on my experience (which happens to be of a negative one)”

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This was her review:

Glad that I was only staying for a night, couldn’t wait to leave.

I checked in during the evening and politely asked if I could have a late check out the next day. Receptionist told me for 30 minutes onwards of late checkout, there are charges already. I told her it wasn’t stated online when I made the booking and that I could just try to ask for a late checkout, she immediately got into a really defensive tone and said she is in-charge of all emails so I am wrong etc etc. (Pushing it all onto me).

I never had a chance to finish my sentence or elaborate on the online platform I’m referring to. (I never even mentioned email in the first place. LOL)

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I was merely letting her know that it was not stated online and gave a wrong impression that I could request for it FOC so maybe she could feedback to her superior or someone.

I never wanted to insist on getting the late checkout. Her reaction was unprofessional. BTW, she was dressed differently from the rest, could be a supervisor there.

Next, was when I was heading to bed later at night. The moment I lifted up the blanket cover, there was a small bloodstain on the sheets.

Called for a change of bedsheets. Housekeeper brought a new bedsheet, she used the new bedsheet to cover the old one before pulling the old one off the bed from beneath this new bedsheet.

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It was really odd so I decided to lift up the new sheets to see and found a bigger patch of blood stain beneath (on the bed protector beneath the bedsheet). She was so pissed that I lifted up to check. When I did this, she gave me a death stare and mumbled something in Thai. BTW, she has been speaking basic conversational English before this to me.

She raised her voice a little and asked, what do I want – “you want new? You want new?” I told her yes so in the end, she went to get another bedsheet to layer over the bed in place of this dirty blood-stained bed protector.

Guess what, she didn’t change the blanket cover which I found two more patches of stain on it which she definitely decided to ignore. I gave up, helped place the pillows back onto the bed and thanked her. Didn’t want to say another word. No point speaking to the staff here.

Slept in discomfort without using the blanket covers.

Could also hear music playing and chattering from the room next door. Walls and doors are thing.

Definitely wouldn’t recommend this place. Could have gotten somewhere better for the price I paid.

A day after her review was posted, Sim received an email “that was upsetting and felt like a threat” from the Front Office Manager of Le Tada Parkview Hotel & Residence.

We don’t appreciate you made up a story and lied on the website about how you were mistreated.

I remember you quite well when we had a conversation about the late checkout.

I did not point finger at you. I was telling you late check out is 1,00 baht fee. There was never any argument or cutting you off in our conversation.

By the way, in Thailand, we have a law against the cybercrime act. When you wrote something, which is not true and the message is shown to the public, you can be prosecuted.

Needless to say, you are now on the hotel’s blacklist for telling a lie and caused defamation of our hotel and ruined the hotel’s reputation.

Photo: FB screengrab/Sim Lizhen

There were no comments on Sim’s complaint regarding the blood-stained bedsheets.

Fortunately, Sim received a more professional response to her review from the General Manager of the hotel.

The GM sincerely apologised for the inconveniences during her stay and explained how it was an “everyday problem to get a room ready on time for a new arrival guest” hence it was difficult to offer a late check out to Sim. However, “this was not an excuse, and the staff should have handled it in a professional manner,” said the manager.

The manager also apologised for the bloodstain and has brought the issue to the attention of the management team.

Photo: FB screengrab/Sim Lizhen

Photo: FB screengrab/Sim Lizhen

Scrolling through the recent reviews of the hotel, it would seem it was not only Sim who had an unpleasant experience when it came to the hotel’s quality of service. Some found whitish-yellow stains on the bedsheet while others specifically noted the rude front office staff.

Those who worked in the hotel industry commented at how unprofessional the first email was, regardless of who was at fault.

Photo: FB screengrab/Sim Lizhen

*Updates: I noticed my review wasn’t posted up onto the Agoda website. (Not sure why..) When i first chose this hotel on…

Posted by Sim Lizhen on Wednesday, 21 August 2019

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