Lifestyle Food Singapore's chilli crab and chicken rice make it to CNN's 50 world's...

Singapore’s chilli crab and chicken rice make it to CNN’s 50 world’s best foods list

Chili crab comes in at number 35 and chicken rice at number 45 on the list




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If there’s anything that unites humankind, it’s a shared love for eating. Food makes the world go ’round, and in it, the fusion of histories, cultures and traditions is reflected.

Each region of the world produces its own masterpieces, dishes that travellers from other lands have come to know and love as well. There’s no denying that one of the most worthwhile experiences to immerse oneself in while travelling is to indulge in the local cuisine.

Sometimes we even make travel decisions based on the places renowned for amazing eats. Why not follow your tastebuds when you journey?

CNN put together their list of the 50 best foods in the world, and Singaporean favourite chilli crab, as well as the country’s “national dish”, straightforwardly known as chicken rice, have made the cut.

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Singapore’s bets, chilli crab (35th) and chicken rice (45th), hold their own against fellow top 50 placers, world foods like Canada’s poutine (44th), the Philippines’ roasted pig lechon (27th) and lasagna from Italy (23rd).

Photo: Poutine, Canada/Nic’s Food Facebook

Unsurprisingly, foods favoured on the global scale, heavy weights like the hamburger from Germany (6th), donuts from the United States (14th) and pizza from Italy (2nd), placed solidly on the world’s best food list.

Topping the list as the five best foods in the world were massaman curry from Thailand (1st), Neapolitan pizza from Italy (2nd), chocolate from Mexico (3rd), sushi from Japan (4th) and Peking duck from China (5th).

Photo: Massaman curry, Thailand/Colour Foods Facebook

Singapore’s chilli crab, in all its savoury, spicy glory, is in 35th place, described as a “spicy, sloppy, meaty specialty”. The list acknowledges the many ways to prepare this vibrant dish, with seasonings of salted egg yolk, black pepper and cheese ready to give it even more flavour, and don’t forget the mini mantou buns for sopping up all those spicy and delicious juices.

Photo: Chilli crab, Singapore/Victor Lee Facebook

At number 45 on the list, chicken rice is hailed as “one of Singapore’s best foods”. Exuding simplicity and with the variety of dipping sauces and preparation techniques, it’s hearty, homey, and bestows a nostalgic feeling of home and country, no matter where it’s being eaten.

Photo: Chicken rice, Singapore/BLK 37 Café Facebook

The list reflects favourites from different cultures, some which are well-known and beloved throughout the world, and others from roads less travelled.

I have never tried Poland’s pierogi (15th), boiled (or fried) dumplings that can be “filled with everything from potato to sauerkraut to meat to cheese and to fruit, and often topped with melted butter, sour cream or fried onions”, but they sound sinfully delicious.

Photo: Pierogi, Poland/Visit Poland Facebook

A “bunny chow” from South Africa (19th), half- or quarter-loaves of white bread that have been hollowed out then filled with hot, spicy curry, looks like it will fill you up. This beloved local street food comes from Durban’s Indian community.

Photo: Bunny chow, South Africa/Cuisine 288: Heaven’s Kitchen Facebook

Arepas from Venezuela are corn-dough patties topped or filled with savoury goodies like fresh cheese, black beans, crisped pork skin, avocado or Venezuelan shredded beef. They are locally enjoyed as snacks or late-night treats.

Photo: Arepas, Venezuela/Comida Venezolana Facebook

Here is the full list of the world’s 50 best foods:

  1. Massaman curry, Thailand
  2. Neapolitan pizza, Italy
  3. Chocolate, Mexico
  4. Sushi, Japan
  5. Peking duck, China
  6. Hamburger, Germany
  7. Penang asam laksa, Malaysia
  8. Tom yum goong, Thailand
  9. Ice cream, global
  10. Chicken muamba, Gabon
  11. Rendang, Indonesia
  12. Piri-piri chicken, Mozambique
  13. Corn on the cob, global
  14. Donuts, United States
  15. Pierogi, Poland
  16. Pastel de nata, Portugal
  17. Lobster, global
  18. Shish kebab
  19. Bunny chow, South Africa
  20. Arepas, Venezuela
  21. Croissant, France
  22. Poke, United States
  23. Lasagna, Italy
  24. Champ, Ireland
  25. Butter garlic crab, India
  26. Fajitas, Mexico
  27. Lechon, the Philippines
  28. Pho, Vietnam
  29. Ohmi-gyu beef steak, Japan,
  30. Goi cuon, Vietnam
  31. Parma ham, Italy
  32. Ankimo, Japan
  33. Fish n’ chips, United Kingdom
  34. Maple syrup, Canada
  35. Chilli crab, Singapore
  36. Hummus, Middle East
  37. Chicken parm, Australia
  38. French toast, Hong Kong
  39. Ketchup, United States
  40. Marzipan, Germany
  41. Stinky tofu, Southeast Asia
  42. Buttered toast with Marmite, United Kingdom
  43. Tacos, Mexico
  44. Poutine, Canada
  45. Chicken rice, Singapore
  46. Som tam, Thailand
  47. Seafood paella, Spain
  48. Potato chips, United Kingdom
  49. Masala dosa, India
  50. Buttered popcorn, United States

Let the feasting begin! /TISG

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