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Singaporeans are protesting Obama’s first trip to Singapore since he left the White House




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Some Singaporeans are protesting former US President Barack Obama’s first trip to Singapore since he left the White House last January.

The 44th US President will be here to speak at a private event on 19 March, organised by the Bank of Singapore. Bank of Singapore CEO Bahren Shaari told reporters today, “For eight years, Mr Obama was the most powerful person in the world. And it is from this unique perspective that he will speak on the future of the global economy as well as Asia’s growing role.”

Soon after news of Obama’s visit broke, the administrators of the Facebook group ‘Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family’ have protested the visit online and are calling on fellow netizens to write in to question the organisers of the event.

Calling Obama a “Marxist Socialist”, the administrators of the page have alleged that Obama may be “coming to Singapore to push his radical homosexual agenda.” Page administrators further alleged:

“Barack Obama, the most radical Far Left Socialist and the most corrupt President ever in the history of America, will be in Singapore on 19 March to speak at a private BANK event held by OCBC, more than 1,000 people would attend!
“Obama totally screwed up America for 8 years pushing his radical and destructive policies to homosexualise not just America and the military, but influencing and threatening many other nations to withdraw aids and funding if they do not have pro-homosexual policies, and had brought America down with his trillions dollars DEBTS!
“On January 20, 2009, when he was sworn in, the debt was $10.626 trillion. On January 20, 2017, when he left, it was $19.947 trillion! Obama added $9 trillion to the debt, more than any other president!
“What do the banks want to learn from this corrupt man? You have OCBC accounts? Write to question your bank.”
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The page administrators also shared several articles to support their allegations, in the comments section of the post. All these articles are by websites, such as Accuracy in Media (AIM) and the Daily Caller, that have been noted to cater to a conservative reader base.

Netizens commenting on the post have expressed that they would be more willing to welcome current US President Donald Trump to Singapore, instead of Obama.

Is Marxist Socialist OBAMA coming to Singapore to push his radical homosexual agenda in March? Barack Obama, the most…

Posted by Singaporeans Defending Marriage and Family on Tuesday, 13 February 2018

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