Home News Singaporeans answer if they'll be voting for PAP in the upcoming GE

Singaporeans answer if they’ll be voting for PAP in the upcoming GE

Members of the online community gave their views on who they would vote for on the Facebook page Wake Up, Singapore with some pro PAP and some against




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Singapore—Even though the date of the upcoming General Election (GE) has not yet been announced, speculation has abounded that it will be held next month.

The Government has until April 14, 2021, to call for the GE.

That Singapore is entering Phase 2 of Safe Transition with more circuit breaker restrictions lifted on Friday (June 19) has further fueled speculation that it may be a matter of weeks before the GE is held.

Nowhere is election fever more rampant than on social media, where Singaporean netizens are making their wishes known.

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On the Facebook page of the political site Wake Up, Singapore, in a post on June 12, followers were asked the following question: “Will you be voting for PAP (ruling People’s Action Party) for this election?”

GE is probably not too far away. Will you be voting for PAP this election? Why or why not? Share your views anonymously…

Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Wake Up, Singapore then provided a link wherein respondents could share their perspectives and opinions anonymously. “We’ll compile some of your thoughts and share them,” the post read.

The first response was posted the very next day (June 13), with an anonymous netizen sharing their view that the “elite” PAP ministers possibly have lost touch with everyday Singaporeans.

Yesterday, we asked you if you would be voting for PAP this coming election, and to tell us why or why not. Our call for…

Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Saturday, June 13, 2020

This post prompted a response from one netizen who underlined that he was looking for humility in leaders.

Alexis Senior RL commented, “I will vote for a leader who is heart-driven; one who identifies himself with the common man on the street and one who is trustworthy. I would pick a leader who is strong and confident, yet humble. A leader who serves the best interests of the people first and keeps jobs for the locals, not one who allows corporations to outsource jobs for cheaper labor when many locals are jobless. A leader who will never sacrifice human life for monetary profit.
A government that sincerely take care of its people and share the wealth of the country during good time can expect the citizens to be loyal in time of crisis. My view.”

Another netizen, however, commented that the opposition parties have yet to be tested.

Jovial SH wrote, “Let’s be fair to start with. The current opposition parties how credible are they? I don’t know as we have not tested them out. Do we want to take the risk and let them be the next government? I think we can agree that it is not easy to run a country.”

On June 15, Wake Up, Singapore posted a response from a new graduate, who voiced out their worries concerning basic necessities, especially housing. Given the amount of time one spends paying off a housing loan, they asked, “When can you really start saving for retirement unless both spouses work, meaning, either childcare, maids, or stay with parents?”

Maybe it's because our leaders are #TooEliteToCare?Our call for your views is still open! Go to: https://tinyurl.com/wakeupsgvoices

Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Monday, June 15, 2020

The poster echoed the view from the respondent the day before, noting that ministers may have challenges in empathising with those who have less income.

One netizen offered empathy to the young poster.

Nancy Wee chimed in, “Can feel your pain and worry for the younger generation.”

In the third post, which was published on June 16, the respondent provided a list of why they would not vote for PAP, including GST on basic necessities, the seniors collecting cardboard, ministers’ salaries, suppression of freedom of speech, jobs given to foreigners, and others.

Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Monday, June 15, 2020

Commenters on this post added their own reasons to the list.

On June 17 Wake Up, Singapore posted the fourth response, which took a rather sarcastic turn.


Posted by Wake Up, Singapore on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

This post may have been a response to the news that Retired Brigadier-General Desmond Tan Kok Ming may contest in the upcoming GE under the PAP banner.

This is how one netizen responded to the post:

Not everyone who commented on the posts was negative concerning the ruling party. Some netizens felt that there needs to be more opposition in Parliament but still wanted the PAP to rule.

Sumayyah Hafsah Uwais Ubayy wrote,  “Im happy if PAP still rule..just need just need more opposition seats..thats it..65% to 35% off opposition is good enuf…not 6 seats la….”
This was echoed by Matthew Chua Boon Hou, who wrote, “We are not asking for a complete change of the government. What we want is just a few more voices in the parliament so that rules favourable to PAP are not bull-dozed through in such sessions!!”

And among the posts, at least one netizen said he would vote for PAP.

Sammy Lee confirmed, “I will vote for them.”

Those who would like to share their views on Wake Up, Singapoore may do so here. /TISG

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