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Singaporean woman gets raped, abused and scammed by Nigerian man withholding their 5-year-old son

She wrote her book to raise money to get back her son




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Singaporean Lynn Shia Soo Me reveals how she was scammed into marriage by a Nigerian man and subjected to physical, mental and even financial abuse over 11 years.

Lynn’s ex-husband demanded that Lynn leave their son with him in the United States and return to Singapore to earn money.

She has not been able to see her son since October 2019.

Her new book, Ms Lynnocent, tells the entire story from how she met Momba, had to move with him to the United States, was divorced by him while carrying their child, and finally how she was pushed back to Singapore to earn money for her ex-husband who would never let her see her son again.

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In an interview,  Lynn cries as she tells TISG how Momba, the Nigerian man, dragged her to Kuala Lumpur. She divorced her first husband and left her three daughters after meeting Momba in 2008 when she was 41. She suspected her first husband of cheating on her, and sick of being in a loveless marriage, she was blinded and did not realise it was a scam when Momba wanted to marry her in order to settle down in Singapore.

In an update, Lynn tells TISG that she was forced to divorce her husband after she found him having an affair with another woman. He also took custody of 3 daughters as she has no means to support them.

According to her, she was depressed and that was the time Momba came into her life and took advantage.


Unable to get a Singapore visa, he took her to Kuala Lumpur. She moved to KL in January 2009.  A couple of months later, he took her to Nigeria. They spent a week in Nigeria, where they registered their marriage.


“Momba planned on registering our marriage in Nigeria. He bought tickets to Nigeria. And there, we got married.

While in Nigeria, he never introduced his parents or friends. In fact, we never met with any of them. It was just the two of us. We stayed in a hotel.

“What do we do next?”, I asked Momba with excitement. I was joyous that we were finally married.

“We go back to Singapore and apply for a long-term visa”, he answered”.


Presently, they returned to Singapore. She was pregnant when he took her to the US from Singapore. Unsuccessful in his bid to settle down in Singapore, he wanted a new life in America. Before going to the US, she visited her parents’ house in Singapore. But they did not allow her to give birth in their home when they found out she was carrying his child.

Momba went to America in May 2015 and Lynn joined him there in August 2015. They stayed in Dallas in Texas. There she found out that he had even lied to her about his age and that he was planning to divorce her to marry another woman.


“I am not four years younger than you, Lynn. I am actually fourteen years younger.”


Eventually, Momba divorced Lynn in October 2015 and married a US citizen called Beula. But he told Lynn his new marriage was only temporary.

Lynn gave birth to her son Adrian on Dec 1, 2015.

Distanced from her family and estranged, Lynn had no other choice but to stay with Momba in the United States, with their son. He would often abuse her physically.

“Worse, he would rape me in front of Adrian. I wasn’t spared even during my periods.

To let a child see such horrendous acts, it was unforgivable.

Adrian, without a clue, would stay beside and wipe my tears, while Momba continued to ravish me. I had no clue as to why a man who said he loved me turned so cruel.”

On Oct 29, 2019, Momba forced Lynn to pack up and return to Singapore. He ordered her to earn money for him and their son. Lynn shared that she was told if she did not set up a “fund” for him, she would never see her son again. Her son Adrian was three years old when she left him behind in America.

After returning to Singapore, she started working in the healthcare industry. She had never worked before other than a few months before her first marriage, some 28 years ago. Initially, she was able to see her son and speak to him on the phone and video calls. However, a few months later, all contact ceased and she has not been able to see her son again.

She did not send Momba any money, suspecting he was scamming her.

Now she is 54. Momba, who is 14 years younger than her, is 40 and Adrian five years old.

Still pining for her son, Lynn has not given up hope.

Her book, Ms Lynnocent, is her attempt at raising funds in order to return to the United States and get her son back.

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