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Singaporean trying to buy food for pregnant wife forgets wallet after hailing cab, kind uncle lends money

The taxi driver not only gave him a ride to his destination but also some money to buy food for his wife




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Singapore – On March 11, a certain Esmonde Tjw took to Facebook to share his experience of a kind taxi uncle who lent him money to buy his pregnant wife a meal because he forgot his wallet.

Mr Esmonde had a very pregnant wife who was having a bad day as she had just found what appeared to be pubic hair in her dinner. He wanted to cheer her up with her favourite dish, so he hurried to get her some more.

We all know that food is love, especially for expecting mums.

Upon getting in a cab, he realised he’d forgotten his wallet. He told the driver of a ComfortDelGro Taxi that he didn’t have any cash with him. The kind uncle said it was all right and that he would still take Mr Esmonde to his destination.

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The only dilemma was paying for the food. He asked the driver if he could borrow S$5 to buy his wife some food.

The driver thought at first that the passenger was asking for too much, but after a few apologies, he acquiesced to Mr Esmonde’s request. The husband left his phone with the driver as insurance that he would return.

“He passed me the cash and I ran down to get dinner from the store and went back into the cab,” wrote Mr Esmonde. The driver even sped up during the trip back knowing that his passenger was in a rush.

Mr Esmonde knew full-well that not many drivers would have accommodated his request that night. He shared how grateful he was that he flagged down an ‘uncle’ that was so understanding.

“Got home with dinner for my Wife again and went down to pay him the cab-fare and the money that he helped me for the food with little tip,” wrote the happy husband. “Such driver (sic) rarely exists as it’s not their fault for trust issues. Thank you once again driver from SHA 8207. I calmed my Wife down with her (sic) food,” he added.

Mr Esmonde also asked the online community acquainted with the uncle to share his warmest regards.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Esmonde for a statement.

“To add on, forgetting my wallet was because I was anxious and rushed out, mistaking my wallet for a cigarette case. When I saw [my wife’s] eyes were red and teary because it was already 10 pm. No more deliveries at that time and her food was not under the delivery section,”(sic) Mr Esmonde shared. “Always weigh your family and love your wife. No such thing as being too busy; it’s all about priorities,” he added.

Read the full post below:

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