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Singaporean father allegedly yells at cleaner to go back to China after she told his son not to eat pork at no-pork restaurant




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A Singaporean father and his family allegedly told a cleaner to go back to China in a profanity-laden spiel when the cleaner asked his son to refrain from eating pork at a no-pork no-lard restaurant. An eyewitness shared on social media that the incident unfolded at the Ya Kun Kaya Toast restaurant at Paragon mall.

Writing that “this family here really showed me the ugly side of Singaporeans,” Facebook user Darren Tan recalled that he was having his meal at the restaurant when a middle-aged man started hurling vulgarities at the cleaner:

“So i was sitting at paragon’s yakun, drinking coffee and what not. All of a sudden, this uncle behind us started hurling vulgarities at the cleaner, asking her to fuck off back to China and to be appreciative because its our people that is enabling her to even work in Singapore. The best part was that his entire family joined in on the insult.”

Tan wrote that while the cleaner responded calmly and walked away from the scene, the middle-aged man began shouting to everyone at the eatery that the cleaner did not serve his family appropriately when he asked her to clean the tables:

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“The cleaner very calmly told him to call her manager to complain and then walked away. The uncle, being the unreasonable barbarian that he is, decided to start shouting to anyone that would listen that she showed them her black face when all he requested was for her to clean the tables.”

Curious, Tan approached the cleaner and asked her what really happened. According to the cleaner, the man got upset when she reminded his son that he should not eat pork he bought from another restaurant at Ya Kun since Ya Kun is a strictly no-pork no-lard eatery:

“Being the kaypoh ji that i am, i decided to ask the cleaner what exactly happened. Apparently, their son was eating tori q pork skewers at the table and the cleaner merely reminded them that yakun is a no pork no lard place and that they should not consume pork there lah.”

Asserting that it is inappropriate to accuse the cleaner of not doing her job properly when the issue is over something else, Tan noted that the middle-aged man would have been in the right if he had argued that the no-pork signage is not visible. Tan added:

“But no, this idiot here, decides to insult her job as a cleaner, her nationality as a Chinese and worse, saying we’re the #1 nationality that is enabling jobs for foreigners.

“Today, I feel seriously ashamed to be sharing the same nationality as these people. Does not matter if you’re our freaking 建国之父 or what. No one should ever be this self entitled to shame another person’s job or nationality. No one. Piece of shit.”


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