SINGAPORE: More passengers are becoming cautious about air travel after a Singapore Airlines (SIA) aircraft experienced severe turbulence on May 21. 

Recently, one female passenger took things to a whole new level by wearing a hard helmet during her flight. The passenger’s photo, captioned ‘She came prepared for any possible turbulence,’ has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

Singaporean netizens were quick to share their opinions and thoughts about this passenger’s proactive approach to safety.

Some expressed that they couldn’t blame her given the severity of the recent turbulence incident, which caused injuries and tragically claimed the life of an elderly passenger.

One netizen mentioned that he’ll start wearing helmets on his future flights.

He explained that even without turbulence, this would still come in handy since many passengers are careless when it comes to storing their items in overhead compartments.

He recounted, “Once a man took his backpack off the over head compartment and his tumblr slipped off and fall on my shoulder. He didn’t even notice that it hit me and went off.

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Then another instance, when the flight was touching down, the overhead compartment sprung open. Considering how careless people are, I think we need to take additional measures to protect ourselves.”

Another commented, “I expected this kind of thing will happen after SQ321 saga, that woman proved me right.”

“That helmet is going to make it worse.”

On the flip side, some netizens argued that wearing a helmet alongside a seatbelt was unnecessary. One individual even called it an exaggeration.

A few also sarcastically suggested that if she’s going to wear a helmet, she might as well go all out and don a parachute or a full-body suit with padding and never take it off—jokingly extending the caution to wearing them during cab rides, driving, and even while crossing the road to protect herself from unexpected accidents. 

They humorously advised never removing the protective gear, as potential hazards like ‘a wet patch on the floor’ are everywhere.

Furthermore, others pointed out that while the helmet could protect her head, it wouldn’t safeguard her neck or spine, so it would still be useless.

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One netizen even said, “That helmet is going to make it worse.”

Another chimed in, writing, “Such helmet won’t serve its purpose. It’s just added ‘luggage.’ Belt up.”

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