Home News Shepherd's pie mix-up: Company receives complaints about orders submitted to competitor

Shepherd’s pie mix-up: Company receives complaints about orders submitted to competitor

As the meal is offered by two companies with closely similar names, it is claimed that complaints meant for one have ended up with the other




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Singapore — Many people looking forward to shepherd’s pie on the occasion of Christmas have complained that they did not receive it or received it very late. It seems there has been a mix-up because the meal is offered by two companies with closely similar names: The Shepherd’s Pie (TSP) and Shepherd’s Pie Singapore (SPS).

As a result, it is claimed, complaints meant for one have ended up with the other.

The owner of TSP, Mr Teddy Chong, reached out to The Independent Singapore on Saturday (Dec 26) regarding an influx of customer complaints during the holidays from what appear to be orders submitted to a competitor with the website “shepherdspie.sg” and the Facebook page “Shepherd’s Pie Singapore”.

Mr Chong said that during the last week his company had received an influx of customer complaints ranging from late delivery to non-delivery of orders. When his staff asked the customers for the order number for verification, its database did not show the order. The format of the order number was also different from that of his company.

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Mr Chong and staff then had to explain to the customers that they must have placed their orders with the other shepherd’s pie distributor. It is alleged that once a customer places an order with the competitor, he or she receives an email confirmation containing the  order number details. There is, however, no contact number.

The customer would need to search online for a contact number to file a complaint. Due to the prominent online activity of TSP, its contact details pop up first.

In hopes of limiting the misdirected calls, TSP uploaded an advisory on Friday (Dec 25) to inform the public of the difference in the two companies.

It said: “We have received many calls mistaken us for another company. We would like to clarify that we are not in any way related to or associated with that company. We ONLY operate from ONE location; our central kitchen address is 3015 Bedok North St 5 #06-05 Shimei East Kitchen.”

A day earlier, on Dec 24, SPS had released an advisory apologising for the failed deliveries. “We would love for you to have a taste of our delicious Shepard’s pie; however, due to an unforeseen event our oven has failed on us, and we’re working tirelessly to fix it in the next 2-3 days,” noted the post. “We sincerely apologise for orders that we had to refund, as well as your frustration towards our service. We are working to smoothen our service and delivery, and we promise to get back to each and every one.”

Mr Chong said the post had sparked more calls to his company for an explanation.

Meanwhile, comments on the SPS post indicate dissatisfaction with its customer service and allegations that comments have been deleted.

Photo: FB screengrab / Shepherd’s Pie Singapore

Mr Chong said his company has been in operation since 2007 and was one of the first shepherd’s pie distributors in Singapore. It was also one of the pioneers of home delivery before food delivery services were launched.

As a family-run business with more than a decade of expertise, TSP aims to maintain a customer-oriented reputation. Mr Chong said this is why it takes the time to explain the mix-up to customers.

The Independent Singapore has reached out to shepherdspie.sg for a statement. /TISG

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