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SINGAPORE: In a recent social media outcry, a senior Singaporean expressed her frustrations with M1, a telecommunications provider. In her post, she shared, “Great job, M1. First you changed my plan to a Bespoke plan, and now you tell me that I can’t update the ownership details????”

Sharing her conversation with M1’s customer support, she inquired, “But my plan is a Bespoke SIM-Only Plan, and I saw on the FAQ somewhere that I can’t just go down to a store with the current owner to get it settled.”

In response, the customer service representative from M1 answered her saying, “I am afraid yes. The transfer of ownership is not available for the Bespoke plan.”

The customer service representative added, “The work around for the transfer of ownership now will be port out the service to another service provider and registered the service under their name.”

A Redditor named Purpledragon84 shared she had a similar experience with M1, sharing, “My sister needed to take over my M1 fibre bb contract after I moved out, but the M1 person say cannot change ownership. So we just login, change contact email and hp to my sister’s, change credit card to my sister’s credit card.”

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Dissatisfied, the S’porean who posted answered, “Idk why the system is so terrible… I am only looking at it due to a potential relocation offer…Now I might shift my mum’s plan out also, since she’s paying so much for something that she hardly uses.”

Confused, Redditor FreedomNext chimed in saying, “Hold on, Home Fiber Broadband can change of ownership one ah? I thought only phone number can?”

Purpledragon84 clarified stating, “The person on the fone say only if owner pass away then u can change plan. So it wasnt a matter of can or cannot. Is they dont want only.”

Adding to the chorus of discontent, another Redditor, whitekoffee, shared his disappointment with M1, this time concerning billing statements.

whitekoffee said: “Their billing statement bugged out for me after the bespoke change. I can’t download my previous billing statements, and some that do show 0.00 charges but my credit card was deducted nevertheless (???). Call the hot line no one picked up. Asked the bot but the queue is so far behind i waited 4 hours but they cut off the connections. Went to the M1 service center but the bouncer says ‘I can’t let you in, must call service hot line cause we don’t deal with these here. else my boss scold me.’ Once I’m done with the contract I’m transferring out.”

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These customer experiences shared on social media shed light on concerns surrounding M1’s policies and customer service. While some individuals have encountered difficulties, it’s important to remember that the telecommunications industry can be complex, and policies can vary.

If you find yourself facing similar issues with M1 or any other service provider, here’s what you should do:

  1. Contact the customer support of the company to seek resolution and clarity on your specific situation.
  2. Keep records of your interactions with the company, including dates, names of representatives, and details of the conversation.

According to M1’s Bespoke FAQs, for Bespoke Flexi, Bespoke Contract, and Bespoke SIM-only, the lines are non-transferable. For more concerns about M1, you can clarify with them by contacting M1 Support.