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Sengkang family discovers thief stealing their slippers is a cat

CCTV finally catches the cat that foxed the family




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Singapore – No wonder the cat burglar had them fooled. Who ever expected a cat burglar to a cat?

A family in Sengkang has shared with Mothership their experience with the feline felon.

A feline with a fetish for flip-flops.

A slippery, elusive, uncatchable cat that stole only slippers — and foxed the whole family.

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At the end of 2020, one of the family member’s slippers disappeared. However, they were left confused because the thief did not take the pair but only one .

Confounded, they assumed that the estate cleaner had accidentally swept the slipper away.

When two more slippers — not two pairs of slippers but two individual slippers, one of each pair — disappeared on two more subsequent occasions, the family became curious and wondered if someone was playing a prank on them, reported Mothership.

They also noted that only the “branded” men’s slippers were taken, such as Adidas, Puma or Vans footwear.

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It was clear that the thief preferred the finer things in life, but why only take one?

Their closed-circuit television camera finally captured the suspect in action after the fourth attempt.

“It’s weird that we lost one side of our flip flops four times, and we wonder why the thief only took one side? Guess what? We finally caught the thief!” wrote Twitter user @amyramrn.

It appears that the culprit was a ginger cat caught sauntering to their doorstep to take a slipper.

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Photo: Twitter screengrab/Mommy Aurora

The cat even looks back as if checking if the coast was clear before exiting the camera frame.

Photo: Twitter screengrab/Mommy Aurora

The family shared that the cat is not a stray but belonged to their neighbour residing on the floor above theirs.

It was reported that the neighbour was aware of her cat bringing her “gifts” to express his affection, but she was unsure who owned the slippers.

The neighbour had been leaving the slippers near the lift lobby of her floor, hoping that the owner would discover them.

Meanwhile, the family revealed jokingly that the cat used to be their pet cat’s “boyfriend” and likened the incidents to the cat “seeking ” for a relationship that did not work out./TISG

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