Entertainment Celebrity 's parents approve of , treat him like son-in-law

Roxanne Tong’s parents approve of Kenneth Ma, treat him like son-in-law

But actress says the couple will "definitely not" be tying the knot soon




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Hong Kong — Actor and actress are in a loving relationship and they are proud to show it.

After going public with their relationship in June, the couple is open to share with the media about their romance and respond to any queries about the rumours regarding marriage.

In a recent interview, Tong said the couple will “definitely not” be tying the knot soon. The 33-year-old actress said: “I was joking when I mentioned that I won’t rule out the idea of getting married out of the blue. Marriage involves a lot of things and we have to talk to our parents about it, too.”

She added: “We also have to buy a home and save money. I don’t have plans to get married for the time being. Of course, we’ve talked about it since (we treat each other) as potential marriage partners. I’m not young any more and I’m not dating for fun.”

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Ma is 46 years old.

The relationship between the two lovebirds has developed to the point that they have the access card (in Ma’s case) and code (in Tong’s case) to each other’s house. Tong said this was more about convenience than anything else.

“We exchanged these so that we don’t have to go downstairs to pick each other up all the time,” she shared. “We don’t have the key to each other’s homes. The access card can only get you through the building’s main door.”

Tong’s parents have approved of their relationship and they have also begun treating Ma like their son-in-law. Her parents want her to take good care of Ma.

Tong’s mother is concerned that she always orders for Ma. Picture: Instagram

“My mum has been yelling at me because she thinks I’m always ordering for him,” laughed Tong.

Since takeout is known to have additives such as MSG and artificial flavouring, Mrs Tong now includes Ma’s share of food whenever she cooks, which also explains why he has been spending a lot of time at the Tong residence. /TISG


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