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Repeat circuit breaker offender (“I am a sovereign”) arrested again by police

MP thanks police for acting swiftly, says woman had been caught and fined for earlier offence




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Singapore – The woman who challenged the police by taking a video of them after being stopped for not wearing a mask to the market has done it again. She was arrested and fined the first time. And she has been arrested again.

Before that she had claimed that she was a “” and that the police had no say over her.

Videos of the latest incident surfaced online on Sunday (May 3) from various sources. The woman could be heard arguing with the people around her regarding the law. “Read the law,” she said to someone.

The woman added that she was previously confronted by the police and claimed that she had got away scot-free. “I’ll show you a video of the police here, same thing, trying to stop me and then walked off, without a warning, without a fine,” she said.

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When asked what her understanding was of the law, the woman replied: “I’m a sovereign. I am a sovereign. See this is something people are not gonna know what it is. They don’t even know what being a sovereign is.”

She continued: “It means I have nothing to do with the police. It means I have no contract with the police. They have no say over me.”

A man was heard saying: “That doesn’t even make any sense. If you’re a person in Singapore, you have to follow the rules of Singapore.”

The woman replied: “Well, that’s the thing, I’m not a person. I’m we the people.”

The video ended with someone saying: “You’re what?”

Watch the video of the altercation below.

She claims in her previous encounter with the police at the same wet market, she was not stopped by them, neither was she issued any fine.Contrary to media reports that she was fined $300

Posted by Sarah Leong on Sunday, May 3, 2020

This is her in another area of the market still arguing with those around her. Someone could be heard telling her to wait for the police to arrive. “The law is, I’ll tell you what, you can’t tell people what to do. That is the law,” shouted the woman.

Posted by Marceino Tng on Sunday, May 3, 2020

According to a straitstimes.com report on Sunday (May 3), the police were informed of the incident that day at the .

Preliminary investigations showed that the 40-year-old Singaporean had previously violated measures by not wearing a mask in public.

Member of Parliament Chong Kee Hiong stated on his Facebook page that the woman had been apprehended.

“Many are rightly concerned about the incident of a repeat offender who defiantly refused to don a mask at this afternoon,” said Mr Chong. He thanked the police for swiftly apprehending the woman on the spot.

“We cannot have such acts of irresponsibility while the whole of Singapore makes sacrifices and is fighting Covid-19 as one,” he added.

Many are rightly concerned about the incident of a repeat offender who defiantly refused to don a mask at Shunfu Market…

Posted by Chong Kee Hiong 鍾奇雄 on Sunday, May 3, 2020

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