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Remembering the Tiger!

Served as a Magistrate, District Judge, Crown Counsel, Deputy Public Prosecutor and Registrar of the Supreme Court and Singapore's first Criminal District Judge.




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Never in Singapore’s history has a politician fought selflessly for Democracy and Freedom of Press to benefit ordinary Singaporeans, as we overly convinced (brainwashed) with PAP’s rule back then.

Today, as the dust settles down after PAP’s mother-of-all-plot to bar Dr Tan CB, who was a popular unifying force for all Singaporeans, PAP had butt-headed shamelessly to install a puppet President, denying our democratic right to vote and going against its people’s wish.

Singaporeans will never forget the TV debate on Elected President, when our Tiger mauled Goh Chok Tong and PM Lee, tearing both to pieces, for their incompetency and unpreparedness to justify an EP. Watch this video to see the Tiger in action.

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This is what JBJ was fighting against PAP’s tyranny all these years, knowing too well, that future Singaporeans will face an arrogant PAP, who would categorically strip its citizens of all democratic rights. Truly, we have now joined the ranks of North Korea, with Halimah’s selection.

As grateful Singaporeans, we should at least recognize and remember JBJ on his death anniversary, for his selfless battle for a better Singapore. He realized how democratic rights were being eroded and poisoned by power hungry and dishonorable politicians wearing white outfits, which symbolizes part of our National Flag.

While JBJ was shackled at every opportunity and stripped of his Anson MP seat, he was never defeated in his belief for a truly democratic Singapore.

As LKY faded away, the next generation of incompetent and arrogant million dollar Ministers and Scholars emerged, racially dividing our multiracial country, by enacting new laws, to appoint a “Malay” President who is actually is an unqualified Indian by birth.

As frustrated Singaporeans (including the dumb 70%), eagerly wait for the next GE, to exercise their grossly-limited rights, as PAP continues to tighten the loop of the democratic process, which JBJ fought till his last breath.

JBJ struggled to deliver justice for the poor, the discriminated and the working class. JBJ well remembered for his fight against the PAP machinery on high ministerial salaries, role of judiciary, fair trial, police methods of investigations, defamation laws, freedom of press and workers’ rights. For this sacrifice, he never got a million dollar salary.

Let’s all spare a minute of silence in our hearts and mind for this selfless man, as we come to terms with our plight as Oppressed Citizens.

May the Tiger rest in peace in eternity!

Roger Kok

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