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Protocol for opposition supporters on how to deal with the PAP in the next election circulates online

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An “engagement protocol” advising opposition supporters on how to deal with the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) is circulating online. The guide, created by Facebook user Albert Tay, offers six tips to opposition supporters.

First, Mr Tay advises opposition supporters to avoid arguing with the PAP when they knock on their doors and instead just politely inform the politician or volunteers: “I am voting for democracy, thank you.” 

He then advises those who plan on voting for the opposition to tell their friends and family members about why they disagree with the PAP’s policies and talk about Temasek’s losses, the faltering economy, the reliance on foreign talent and unemployment in Singapore. He added: “Tell them you are going to vote the PAP out – and they should too.”

Mr Tay added that one should not argue if their friends or family members are PAP supporters and instead just inform them that they like Lee Kuan Yew but do not like the current group of PAP leaders.

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Fourth, Mr Tay encouraged opposition supporters to attend election rallies and support their preferred parties. Calling on the people to organise dinners around election rally time, Mr Tay urged opposition supporters to bring their friends along to election rallies. He wrote:

“When attending election rallies, shout and support your favoured party. Encourage your friends and family to join you. Organise dinners and suppers around the election rally time, and “jio” all your friends along.
“After rally, if some of them wanna “argue” about who they should support, just say: “Don’t need talk much, I’m voting for democracy.” End the topic there and enjoy the food.”

Mr Tay also urged opposition supporters to ban and block members of the PAP’s Internet Brigade (IB) on social media and avoid engaging with them. He said:

“When engaging on Facebook online, ban and block IBs who pester and harrass you without hesitation. Pull the fencesitters over, and isolate the IBs. Do not engage personally with IBs – always keep a distance – you do not owe them anything! You do not have to answer to them, or make them happy. Just ban and block as you wish, and tell the fencesitters to judge for themselves the calibre of these IBs.”

Finally, Mr Tay advised: “When going to the voting booth, stand tall and confident. Know your rights. Do not be intimidated. Tell everyone around the vote is secret. Vote confidently.” -/TISG

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