International Asia Pregnant Malaysian woman chooses second wife for her husband to help care...

Pregnant Malaysian woman chooses second wife for her husband to help care for him and their children




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A Malaysian women did the unthinkable for many. She ordered a new wife for her husband, a woman she handpicked herself!

The woman was unwell while being pregnant with her fifth child and was worried who would care for her husband and children if something happened to her.

This prompted her to find a second wife for her lucky husband. The arrangement has been a beneficial and a harmonious one, with the two women even becoming like sisters and best of friends.


Posted by Samuel Dzul on Sunday, July 14, 2019

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In Shah Alam, Malaysia, Khuzatul Atiqah had been married to Samuel Dzul since 2011. Khuzatul and Samuel has a happy relationship enjoying a good family life with their children.

Posted by TiQa Ummimerahjambu on Friday, June 15, 2018

But her fifth pregnancy got her to be constantly unwell, says The Reporter. The woman posted on Facebook how she struggled to move around with ease, and because her health was so bad, she was forced to use a wheelchair.

Khuzatul saw that her husband Samuel would come home tired from work, yet he still did all the house chores and cared for their children.

It was this and her constant battle with a dwindling health that got her worried for the future of her husband and children.

She decided to take the matter into her own hands and make sure that her husband and children would be taken good care of — she would find him a second wife.

While polygamy for Muslim men is allowed in Malaysia under the Islamic Family Law, it was not something Khuzatul and Samuel had considered for their marriage.

Khuzatul, who once rejected the idea of polygamy, said in one of her Facebook posts that her feelings on the matter changed after seeing how her father-in-law and his three wives lived together with ease and harmony.

Khuzatul mentioned that through observing how they interacted together, she could see the benefits of the arrangement.

While the law is rejected by many Muslim feminists and considered by some as harmful to women’s rights, Khuzatul decided that it was the right thing for her and Samuel. He would need a second wife to help her care for him and the children.

In 2018, Khuzatul met single mother Nur Fathonah on social media. After forming a close friendship, Khuzatul asked Fathonah to become her husband’s second wife.

Fathonah was reluctant at first but was persuaded to visit Khuzatul and Samuel’s home and break the fast with them. Fathonah saw that they were a happy family, and she felt that she got along very well with them.

Fathonah agreed to become Samuel’s second wife, and they were wed in a simple marriage ceremony, as reported by mStar.

Bismillahirahmanirrahim…Ya Allah terima kasih Ya Allah. Untuk segala nikmat yang diberikan. Tak pernah saya sangka untuk…

Posted by Nur Fathonah Abdul Rahim on Sunday, July 21, 2019

Ever since the marriage, the newly-extended family has enjoyed a harmonious existence together.

Khuzatul, Fathonah and their husband Samuel live together happily, and the two women have become like sisters and best friends.


Posted by TiQa Ummimerahjambu on Sunday, July 28, 2019

The have even opened a recording studio in Shah Alam, which the trio runs together while caring for their growing family.

KISAH DI SEBALIK GAMBAR (Rujuk gambar di bawah)WARNING : Penulisan ini agak panjang tapi inshaAllah berbaloi bagi yang…

Posted by TiQa Ummimerahjambu on Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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