International Asia Passenger in China demands airport staff kneel and apologise for flight delay

Passenger in China demands airport staff kneel and apologise for flight delay

“Kneeling shows sincerity,” he added. “You must represent your company and apologise to us,” said the traveller




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China – An entitled Chinese airline passenger was caught on cam demanding the airport staff kneel and apologise for the flight delay he experienced.

On May 29 (Wednesday), a video was uploaded on YouTube via Weibo showing a passenger in a yellow and black striped shirt and backpack demanding that an airport staff kneel while gesturing to the floor.

According to Daily Mail, the passenger was insisting that the staff kneel and apologise for the flight delay due to unfavourable weather.

“You should kneel to apologise to us,” demanded the passenger in the clip.

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After a few more of the same demands, the airport employee tried to defend himself and said, “I am a member of staff. I do carry out my responsibilities. But there is no need for you to humiliate.”

However, in the enraged passenger’s head, kneeling was not a form of “humiliation.”

“Kneeling shows sincerity,” he added. “You must represent your company and apologise to us.”

As tensions rose, other passengers tried to console the “royal client” and could be heard saying, “What good would an apology do?” which is true because it was not the staff’s fault that their flight schedule encountered bad weather.

It was confirmed by Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, where the incident took place, that its two flights from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen were delayed due to bad weather conditions on May 25.

Flight PN6311 was postponed for nearly an hour while the second flight was delayed for almost four and a half hours; however, it is unknown which flight the furious passenger took.

The airline is currently investigating the incident.

On Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, netizens are urging for the Chinese authority to ban the passenger from taking planes moving forward. Some also suggested that he needed to kneel if he wanted the ban to be lifted.

Others didn’t fail to mention that the delay was due to the weather and had nothing to do with the staff.

With hopes of upholding proper travel etiquette, China has been punishing unruly passengers to further raise public awareness on the matter, reported Daily Mail.

Those deemed “uncivilized” by the authorities will be given a “bad behaviour record” which lasts up to ten years and could prohibit the traveler from future trips as well as damage their social credit points.

The authorities have blacklisted over 13 million passengers in planes and trains since 2014.

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