Entertainment Celebrity and sing a voting duet for baby Daisy

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry sing a voting duet for baby Daisy

Orlando and Katy shared the song on their respective social media accounts which is a shout out to people to go out and vote




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Celebrity couple and sang a duet to urge their followers to vote in the US election. They dedicated the song to their newborn daughter Daisy.

Orlando and Katy shared the song on their respective social media accounts. Katy captioned the post, “mom & dad here reminding you that YOUR VOTE COUNTS! ♥️ #votenow #bringsnacks 1866OURVOTE,” and Orlando saying, “Mum n Dad just sayin drop em off it’s too late to mail em in – it’s safe #wearamask bring snacks and a friend! #votenow 🇺🇸🙌 have fun!”

In the video, Katy sings, “Rise and shine and get to the polls now,” while Orlando muses “Vote in person, not with the mail-in ballot now,” and Katy adds “Now’s the time to vote in person, people of the United States.”

Oh, and also Orlando sweetly said “This is for future generations, by the way. This little ditty is going to be for .”

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Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry are proud parents to . Picture: Instagram

In August, celebrity couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their baby daughter Daisy Dove and ever since then the proud parents have been enjoying the time spent with her.

“Daisy Dove is my little mini-me/ mini mum/ mini Kate,” Orlando gushed as he spoke about the newborn.

“The eyes look like her, but it was funny because when she first came out she was like me. It was like ‘it’s a mini me’ but fortunately she got those Katy blues which is perfect,” he continued.

“But then she sort of looked like my mum so I got confused because Katy’s breast feeding this mini-me/my mini-mum so it was a bit confusing,” the star joked.

Baby Daisy has been sleeping soundly through the night thanks to her father chanting to her and helping her relax. Orlando Bloom shared that he “chants to soothe the baby” saying that Daisy “loves it” so much so, that he is “winning the daddy points.”

“She is [sleeping through the night] it’s always a process, she’s now sleeping from 9pm-7am which is incredible, it’s a blessing,” said Orlando.


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mom & dad here reminding you that YOUR VOTE COUNTS! ♥️ #votenow #bringsnacks 1866OURVOTE

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on Oct 28, 2020 at 12:35pm PDT

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