Lifestyle No time to cook? Try these online reunion dinners

No time to cook? Try these online reunion dinners




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Herbal chicken, check. Abalone, check. Treasure pot, check. Double-boiled treasures soup, check! The once-in-a-year reunion dinner is now a click away – you can order your reunion dinner set online.

Having a sumptuous reunion dinner in the comfort of your own home beats going to an expensive restaurant (by now, most restaurants are fully booked!). And instead of cooking up a storm in your kitchen, order from these restaurants. Treat your family to a selection of luxurious specialities as you usher in the year of the horse. 1. Paradise Group

Abundance is the theme for this group of modern Cantonese restaurants. The Abundance Package comes with everybody’s favourite yu sheng (raw fish salad toss), Golden Herbal Chicken, lotus leaf rice and the Paradise Treasure pot that is filled with premium ingredients like whole abalones, fish maw and dried scallops smack in a fragrant broth.

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Cost: S$308 (for five) and S$527 (for 10)

2. Restaurant Home

Celebrate Chinese New Year with a Spanish touch! From Spanish-style roasted suckling pig to traditional lotus lo mai kai, this new kid on the block is hitting all the sweet spots with its contemporary take on traditional dishes. Enjoy premium Norwegian salmon that melts in the mouth with Restaurant Home’s raw fish salad toss along with a variety of other classic dishes like barbeque goose with lychee wood, double-boiled sharks fin soup with Hainanese mushrooms and other traditional goodies.

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Cost: S$678 (for 10)

3. Hai Tien Lou

If you are no penny pincher, consider taking away from Hai Tien Lou. The restaurant’s traditional treasure set comes with a yu sheng platter comprising vegetarian sea grapes, black moss, Norwegian salmon, abalone, dried oysters, sea cucumber, pork knuckles and mushrooms; and a stewed chicken with eight treasures lotus seeds. Hai Tien Lou’s menu also offers sauteed prawns with special homemade XO wine, lobster with fish maw and crab meat soup and the signature double-boiled Buddha Jumps Over the Wall.

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Cost: S$300 – S$668

Comes With: Chopsticks and spoons

4. Man Fu Yuan

For a truly decadent experience, try this restaurant’s signature double-boiled Fu Zhou Buddha Jumps over the Wall, which includes a host of deep sea goodies and underground treasures like whole abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried scallops, goose web and panax ginseng, all cooked at low heat for 48 hours to create a thick and luxurious broth that gratifies the soul. The delux Treasure Pot is full of seasonal goodies like the baby abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, goose web, preserved meat sausages and Boston lobster. The stuffed glutinous rice in whole suckling pig is justly famous and so is the braised pig’s trotter with spiky sea cucumber and mushroom. Each order comes with a complementary jar of homemade XO sauce by the restaurant’s master chef.

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Cost: S$198 (for five)

5. Tung Lok Restaurants

If you crave an assortment of preserved meats and appreciate elegant presentations, do not hesitate to order from Tung Lok Restaurants. The chain’s Noble and Royal sets include pen chai, salmon yu sheng, fried glutinous rice with assorted preserved meats, superior herbal chicken, along with the choice of traditional, pandan or black sesame nian gao.

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Cost: Noble Set S$368 (for six) and S$688 (for 10); Royal set S$488 and S$688


All restaurants listed above are self-service takeaways

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