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“No one likes you, even your teachers don’t like you” – Helper allegedly shouts at young boy and creates a scene at bus stop

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The incident took place at 6.30pm on Oct 30 at a bus stop outside Greenwich mall and was witnessed by Facebook user Prija Emmanuel

A domestic helper’s treatment of a young boy at a public bus stop has caused concern to an eyewitness, who is seeking to reach the boy’s parents to inform them about the situation. According to the witness, the helper was loudly berating the boy and threatened to leave him behind, despite her attempt to intervene and help.

Revealing that the incident took place around 6.30pm yesterday (30 Oct) at the bus stop outside Greenwich mall, Facebook user Prija Emmanuel said: “Helper was furious at this 6 yr old boy because he wasnt listening to her. Could tell that he was not easy to manage but how the helper responded was appalling.

“She shouted over and over again, ‘I will go home and leave you all alone’, ‘I am the only one stay your house so long, all the aunties left your house’, ‘no one likes you, even your teachers don’t like you’, ‘I make sure daddy go home and cane you’ The boy started crying and begged her not to leave him alone.

“The helper then stood very far away from the boy and kept shouting at him these same things. The boy kept begging her.”

Unable to withstand the way the helper was treating the child, Prija approached the pair and told the helper that her behaviour was unacceptable. When Prija said that she would try to reach out to the boy’s parent, the helper was silent for some time before continuing to berate the boy.

Prija wrote: “I walked over after cannot tahan her loud shouting at the boy and these abandonment statements and told her to stop shouting and speak to her employer if she is having a tough time. Told her that I would try and reach out to her employer and that what she is doing is not acceptable.

“She was quiet for awhile and then started shouting loudly at the boy again. She then called someone and spoke in Indonesian loudly complaining over the phone. The boy seemed scared, embarrassed, angry, and teary. By this time my bus came and she too boarded the bus 50 back to sengkang with the boy.”

Revealing that she only seeks to contact the helper’s employer to inform them about the situation and that she does not intend to shame the helper as a bad foreign domestic worker, especially since she is not aware of the full story, Prija wrote:

“Poor boy seriously needs help. Helper does too i am sure. I will post her picture in the comments section in hopes of reaching out to the employer. I am apprehensive to post it as #badfdw because I am sure there is more to it but hope this attempt might be helpful for this boy especially.”

This happened at the busstop outside Greenwich mall at about 630pm yesterday (30th October 2019). Helper was furious at…

Posted by Prija Emmanuel on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

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