No, no, STB




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Check out creative agency DoodleRoom’s Facebook page. The latest post makes no sense.
It reads: “As all of you know, we only wanted to express our disappointment for not getting the acknowledgment due. We know we have ruffled some feathers… we just want to aspire for an environment that is more conducive for fair play.”
To cue you in, this was what happened.¬†Not so long ago, DoodleRoom stumbled upon its own design being used by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) for this year’s art week guide and food truck event in Sydney – with hardly a change and¬†apparently without informing the original creators.
The design used was the same artwork created by DoodleRoom for STB’s Art Week Guide 2013. An almost identical design was seen on the STB’s Art Week Guide 2014.
When DoodleRoom began airing its disappointment on its Facebook page, STB was quick to defend itself. It said that using DoodleRoom’s desigh was “in line with industry norms” and STB has “the full rights to use, reproduce and modify it.”
It is true that STB does not need DoodleRoom’s permission to use or adapt its artwork but the art community and DoodleRoom (based on its initial Facebook post) could not help feeling disappointed for not getting the acknowledgement due.
Even more hurting, the design this year did not bother to modify DoodleRoom’s work but was merely “recycled”.
When DoodleRoom first brought up the issue on Facebook, it got over 327 shares and popular support by other local designers
Another commentator said on DoodleRoom’s Facebook page, “people in the creative industry should get together to start a Guild – to raise standards and to protect our practice. What happened to DoodleRoom is a good reason why this should be done.”
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