Entertainment Celebrity Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong still happily attached

Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong still happily attached

Fans happy break-up rumours not true




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Hong Kong — Ideally, we hope to have long-term relationships. But sometimes it is out of our reach. Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse have had an on-off relationship. The latest rumour is that they are no longer dating. Tse stopped the rumours with a bold move. In 2000, the couple dated and split up two years later. In 2014, they reunited again after Wong divorced actor Li Yapeng and Tse broke up with Cecilia Cheung. Fans were hoping for a happy ending for Tse and Wong, but in February 2020, rumours that the couple had broken up started circulating.

As reported by Hype.my, there was no word about the couple’s relationship. Fans pointed out that the couple did not celebrate Tse’s last birthday together. Wong was spotted with someone new in December 2020 which fueled the rumours. Wong’s new friend Ryan seemed close to her and fans assumed he was her new lover.

At the start of March 2021, Tse was on air when he gave his opinion on extramarital affairs.

Nicholas Tse has been dating Faye Wong on and off. Picture: Instagram

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They were discussing their personalities when Tse said, “The details are important as well, that’s why cheating makes me…” and clenched his fists. Fans were uncertain who the jab was alluded to and conspiracy theories abounded. One netizen went as far as to say, “Could this be his way of announcing that he and Faye are over ‘cos she cheated on him?”

As the rumours continue to circulate, fans are waiting for the couple to clear the air. Tse did one better. He was seen in Beijing dressed in a grey hoodie with a mask and a cap tugged low. He reportedly went straight to Wong’s house and spent the night there after landing in Beijing. In a bold move, the Canto idol squashed all the break-up rumours and proved that they were still loving towards each other.

Fans were happy with that news and they commented on it online. Netizens said that the couple’s personal lives had nothing to do with the world and that they should not be spreading rumours. /TISGFollow us on Social Media

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