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New petitions in Singapore to ban Maroon 5 & Man Utd, linking to diabetes and satanic references




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Singapore – After the recent concert cancellation of Swedish metal band, Watain came two petitions to ban Maroon 5 and Machester United from coming to Singapore for fear of being compelled to consume more sugar and the negativity a devil logo may bring, respectively.

On March 9 (Saturday), two petitions were created in Change.org targeting the famous American pop-rock band Maroon 5 and the international football team Manchester United nicknamed “The Red Devils.”

The movement came just three days after the petition was started to ban Soilwork and Watain, two Swedish heavy and black metal bands. Read more about the last-minute cancellation of Watain’s concert on March 7 below:


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Maroon 5 petition

The petition to ban Maroon 5 from returning to Singapore revolves around the relation of one of its songs to diabetes. According to the petition, lyrics of one of the band’s popular songs Sugar which goes, “Sugar, yes please,” could compel young Singaporeans to “consume more sugar in their diet” in light of the Government’s fight against the increasing prevalence of diabetes health problems in the country.

The petition caption, which currently has 632 out of 1,000 signatures, reads:

“Maroon 5 does not represent the culture which we want in our youths. Their subliminal messages in their songs include lyrics like “sugar, yes please”. This may compel young Singaporeans to consume more sugar in their diet, which increases the risk of diabetes. The Government is trying its best to fight diabetes in Singapore, and we don’t need such unwholesome bands to reverse the progress that has been made. Sign this petition to get our lawmakers to ban Maroon 5 from returning to Singapore.”

Maroon 5 was at the National Stadium for a Singapore show on the same day Watain’s concert was cancelled.

Not much is known how the implied meaning of showing a “little love and little sympathy” was connected to actual sucrose in the lyrics.

In case of curiosity, the following link leads to the song’s lyrics.

Below are some of the reasons for signing the Maroon 5 petition:

Photo: Taken from Change.org

Manchester United petition

The petition for Manchester United’s banning is more straightforward. It follows the action against Watain for the “fear of inciting hatred and for satanic references.”

The petition is calling the official logo of the team, which is a devil holding a trident, to be a satanic reference “with an intent to spread their influence in Asia with Singapore as a platform.”

The petition, with 447 out 500 signatures and counting, states that:

“Following the ban of a performing band for the fear of inciting hatred and for satanic references, it is not rocket science to prevent these bunch of individuals from coming to our shores. Obviously with an intent to spread their influence in Asia with Singapore as a platform, this group called The Red Devils from Manchester is not welcomed. We shudder to imagine the kind of negativity they bring with them. Calling themselves Devils aside, they even have an illustration of the devil himself plastered on their chests! We need to stop them now!”

Manchester United is scheduled to come to Singapore in July 2019 for the International Champions Cup (ICC).

Still, how does a logo constitute to satanic references and negativity when the group is a well-known and rather well-established (formed in 1878) football club not affiliated with demonic organisations, known for its former players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, and Wayne Rooney?

Read some of the reasons posted for signing the Man Utd petition:

Photo: Taken from Change.org

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