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Nas Daily looks to hire a Vietnamese video producer, instead of a local one, irritating many Singaporeans

Locals took to social media to vent on the vlogger's choice posting sarcastic comments




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After YouTuber Nas Daily’s announcement that he was looking for a video-maker from Vietnam to join his local team, many Singaporeans took to his social media page with rather sarcastic and irate comments.

On Monday (August 12),

 Nas posted the following announcement: “Dear Vietnam,

Job opportunity!!

I want to hire a Vietnamese person to join my team in Singapore.

I’m looking for the best video maker in Vietnam to join me in a full-time position. You have to know how to make videos. You have to be the best at shooting or editing.

If you are that person or if your friend is that person, please email me at creators@nasdaily.com. Make sure to include ONE video that you made.

If you share this post with someone and I hire them, I will pay you $500 USD!”

Nas expressed that a trip to Vietnam was in order as well, since he had reached 50,000 followers.

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Many Vietnamese who commented on Nas’ post were rather excited for the opportunity, but the same was not so on Singaporeans’ end.

Singaporeans expressed their unhappiness that Nas did not consider a local video-maker.

Nas recently sparked a massive uproar when he lashed out at Singaporeans and called them “crybabies,” after he had been criticised for calling Singapore an “almost perfect country” in one of his videos.

In March, a poll conducted by Yahoo Singapore showed that 56 per cent of 3,961 respondents did not welcome Nas Daily’s impending move to Singapore.

With the balloting process to get tickets for Singapore’s National Day parade now underway, many Singaporeans were thus outraged when director for the show Dick Lee invited Nas for the parade.

To Dick Lee’s invitation, the YouTuber replied rather non-committedly, “I think I’m coming!”

In another interview, according to Nas described life in Singapore as “easy,” because “you know what you have to do, you know what you can do, you know what you can’t do.”

He added, “There’s nothing that stresses you out, and I really like that.”

However, one of the negatives that he mentioned in the interview was the amount of official processes he needs to wade through in establishing his office here, as well as with hiring people on his staff.

Moreover, he made special mention of the need for a printer, mentioning the copious amount of paperwork that he has been subjected to in these processes. -/TISG

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