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Morning Digest, June 2

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Hong Ling shares life advice: “You can’t choose NOT to be born, You can’t choose NOT to die”


Photo: IG screengrab/honglingg_

SINGAPORE: In an Instagram post, artist Hong Ling shared some of her reflections – particularly on choosing and not choosing what to do in her life.

She declared in her post caption that these realizations would make her ‘younger self proud’ and that these would be something ‘her future self will be grateful for.’

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Girlfriend complains that her boyfriend can’t stand it when people are financially more successful, while BF says GF has “princess syndrome” and is spoilt


Photo: Freepik (for illustration purposes only).

SINGAPORE: A girlfriend took to social media to list all the red flags she found in her boyfriend and said she made the right decision to leave him.

In an anonymous post to confessions page NUSWhispers, the woman wrote that he was much older than her and they were together for a few years, but “now i am really understanding why he’s been single for all these years”.

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‘I can use this prize money to build a house for my family’ says Indian worker who won $18,888 at company’s Squid Games-style event


Photo: FB screengrab/Pollisum Engineering Pte Ltd

SINGAPORE: A young man from India who won a prize equal to a year and a half of his salary fell to his knees at the awarding, apparently overwhelmed at his good fortune.

A TikTok uploaded by the emcee at the awarding ceremony of the Go Big or Go Home D&D event, Mr Ng Kai Zhuan, who goes by @emceebotakkai on the platform, shows the winner, Mr Selvam, falling on the ground.

Woman shouts & bangs on man’s home gate after he refuses to give her the red door decoration hanging from his door


Photo: TikTok screengrab/jB

SINGAPORE: A random encounter with a woman who insisted a homeowner give her the red paper decoration hanging from his door resulted in a TikTok that’s now gone viral.

At first, speaking in Chinese, the woman asked for the wedding decor on the door quietly enough but quickly raised her voice and then, even more alarmingly, started banging on the TikTok user’s home metal gate.

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“WP take over present government coming 2025” — Singaporeans respond to Foo Seck Guan Kenneth’s recent post on WP walkabout


Image: FB screengrab / 符策涫 Foo Seck Guan Kenneth

SINGAPORE: In response to Foo Seck Guan Kenneth’s Facebook post on the Workers’ Party’s recent walkabout, a handful of netizens have responded in support of the opposition party in Singapore.

Mr Foo took to Facebook on Monday (May 29) to share snippets of the Workers’ Party’s walkabout last weekend. According to his post, the WP met with residents from different constituencies.

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