A video of a man shouting at and hitting a security guard went viral on Tuesday (Jul 5).

In an incident that took place at Tampines Retail Park on Monday (Jul 4) night, the security guard on duty told a man not wearing a mask to put one on or purchase one from the pharmacy at the entrance of the building.

In a media statement, the Security Association Singapore said that security officer Sures Perimal was on duty at the main entrance of Giant Hypermart at the Tampines Retail Park at around 10.20 pm on Monday. His duties included ensuring that people entering the building wore their masks as per the relevant safe management measures, it added.

Mr Sures saw the man approaching the building without a mask and advised him accordingly.

However, the man was “unhappy” that the security officer had called him out for not wearing a mask, and shouted some vulgarities at Mr Sures before entering the building, said the Security Association Singapore (SAS).

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“After a short while, the said person suddenly rushed out of the building and without warning, pushed SO Sures, while shouting vulgarities at him. He then started shoving and punching SO Sures,” said the association.

“A member of the Giant Hypermart staff and members of the public intervened to stop his assault on SO Sures. SO Sures suffered from bruises and contusions arising from the attack”, the association said.

In addition, SAS President Raj Joshua Thomas said: “This is yet another sickening incident of abuse against a security officer who was merely carrying out his duties. New penalties for abuse against security officers came into effect this year. The police attended to the matter at the scene, and we will leave it to the authorities to investigate and take the appropriate action.

While shocking, I am also heartened that a Giant staff member and members of the public stepped in to defend the officer. SAS thanks them for their civic-mindedness and responsibility.

In response to media queries, the police said they have apprehended a 57-year-old man under the Mental Health Act. Police investigations are ongoing. /TISG