SINGAPORE: A man took to social media to share that his girlfriend has never gifted him anything that could be considered truly expensive or extravagant.

He shared his thoughts on the NUSWhispers Facebook page, saying, “I don’t know if I’m petty, but I don’t feel good about this. Basically, my girlfriend has never gotten anything above $200 for me as a gift before, while I am generous with gifts.

We go on Dutch for most occasions, and I would treat meals here and there regularly.”

His girlfriend also told him that she never spent more than that amount on his gifts because she needed to save money and become financially independent from her parents.

However, he was disappointed to learn she had spent over S$200 on concert tickets to see her favourite idols.

“The value of the gift is not in the price tag”

In the comments section, the netizens expressed their disappointment in the man, saying he was petty, calculative, and materialistic and had no right to dictate where his girlfriend spent her hard-earned money.

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Furthermore, they emphasized that concerts are rare and unforgettable experiences that should be considered exceptions to typical spending patterns.

They argued that using concerts as a benchmark for judging her overall spending habits was unfair and unreasonable.

One netizen added, “Frequency. She watches concerts once a week? As compared to dining out with you regularly? You’re comparing apples to oranges. It’s not like as if she spends on a handbag costing over $200 once a week.”

Regarding the cost of the gifts, they mentioned that it should not be used to measure her sincerity towards the man or their relationship.

One netizen said, “I am curious, does getting a more expensive gift than you prove her love? If not, why do you want to bring this out and mark a weakness to this relationship. Next, did she ask you to buy the gift?

If no, then why do you want to be nice to her and at the back so nasty.”

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While another added, “The value of the gift is not in the price tag.”

Others also said they “go Dutch” whenever they go on dates.

One netizen pointed out the irony, writing, “You guys go Dutch?? And you expect her to buy u a gift of more than $200?? Hahahaaha “don’t let your boyfriend stop you from finding your husband”.”

Meanwhile, some netizens took a more empathetic stance and explained that the couple’s love languages might be different. The girlfriend may be unaware that the man’s love language is ‘gift-giving.’

As such, they advised the couple to candidly discuss their love languages.

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