Relationships Man in relationship with his GF for 6 years initially promised her...

Man in relationship with his GF for 6 years initially promised her parents he’d marry her, but now says he’s not attracted to her anymore

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"He drops the bomb that he doesn't feel physically attracted to me anymore because we don't have s*x", she wrote.

SINGAPORE — A girlfriend, who felt that her boyfriend strung her along for 6 years without any intention of marrying her, took to social media asking others for advice. In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the girlfriend wrote that she met her boyfriend during her prime age in her late 20s, and she was now in her mid-30s.

“I thought we were going to get married because we talked about it and even went through house renovation together. But recently, I realised that he probably doesn’t love me even though he says he does. He made a “promise” to my parents that he would ask for marriage within 3-5 years, told me several times that “it’s coming” but obviously it didn’t”, she wrote.

She added that her boyfriend even lied about buying a ring and said he could not find the right time to propose because she would always ruin his surprises. “And now he drops the bomb that he doesn’t feel physically attracted to me anymore because we don’t have s*x (I abstained from pre-marital s*x and I informed him right when he asked me to be gf, told him to think carefully before committing)”, she wrote.

She added that she felt cheated over the past six years.

“I feel foolish for loving a guy for so long who actually doesn’t love me. I’m now way past the prime age and now an old hag. Will I still be able to find somebody who is willing to love me for who I am, beyond just physical, get married and be happy in this superficial world where only young girls are in demand?” she asked netizens.

Netizens were divided, but most advised her to leave her boyfriend. Here’s what they said:

Last week, a woman who had wanted to travel with her boyfriend for over two years found out that while she was on holiday, he went on a trip with his sister instead.

In an anonymous post to popular confessions page SGWhispers, the girlfriend wrote that her boyfriend of three years had refused to go on trips with her because “he runs an e-commerce business and there is not enough realised profits to pay for a holiday”. She added that when she was on a holiday last year, he suddenly announced that he was travelling with his sister for a week.

“I was honestly disappointed and upset cause I’ve constantly spoken to him about travelling together and how excited I will be when the time comes. But I didnt say much cause he hasnt travelled for 2 years so I didnt wanna make a big deal out of it”, she wrote.

When he came back, the couple booked a trip to Taiwan in the middle of the year. They also discussed a short trip to Thailand sometime before their trip to Taiwan. That very week, the woman’s boyfriend asked her if she could go to Thailand as his sister was there.

“As I work a corporate job, its not so easy to take leave at such short notice but I tried to see if I could make it work but unfortunately my schedule doesn’t allow it. Then he announced he’s going regardless and that since he has already asked me and if i cant go doesn’t mean he shouldn’t and since the past 2 years i travelled without him why am i not ok w him going. I felt disappointed again cause we already discussed and made plans short of booking anything and the moment his sister asks him if he wants to come, he immediately says ok. It just feels like a double standard and not so much that ‘I don’t let him go’”, she wrote.

In her post, she asked netizens if she was controlling and added that she wanted to approach the issue objectively. The woman also noted that she had never asked her boyfriend to pay for anything and that for all their trips, they would split the cost equally.

Woman says her boyfriend refuses to go on holiday with her because of financial issues, but then he goes with his sister instead

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