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Man claims NEA officers smoked and littered at his premises, wants to fine them himself




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Netizen Mohd Rafeeq Rafeeq took to Facebook on Friday to share photos and a video of two people he alleges are National Environment Agency (NEA) officers, who can be seen smoking outside a building. In his post, he claimed that the supposed officers were issuing fines to those smoking inside the premises, right before they came outside to smoke.

Mohd Rafeeq’s post was also shared on Facebook page ‘Concerned Citizens Band Together for a better Singapore’.

Mohd Rafeeq wrote, “NEA officers smoke at my premises and littering in my drainage and go into the building and summon units owners workers for smoking inside premises NEA want year end bonus do like this I also want to summon him can also right I’m waiting for that chance”.

In the video he shared, a man and a woman can be seen standing outside the carpark of a building while the man smokes. In front of them looks to be identification lanyards and possibly the recording devices commonly carried by NEA officers. Once he is finished smoking, the two walk towards a car park stairwell door. While it is unclear from the video where the man throws his cigarette butt, he uses the hand that was seen to be holding the finished cigarette, to open the car park door.

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Netizens who commented on Mohd Rafeew’s post said that he should indeed complain to NEA if he was able to prove that the pair were NEA officers.

One of those who commented, MC Teh, supposedly hared a photo of the two, confirming to Mohd Rafeez that they were indeed NEA officers.


While it is unclear as to whether the pair were indeed NEA officers, as per NEA’s Smoking Act, smoking is prohibited at multi-storey and basement carparks and
Any area within five metres of ventilation intakes, external windows, openings, entrances , and exits to buildings where smoking is prohibited.

TISG has reached out to Mohd Rafeez for comment, but he has yet to respond.

NEA has also been reached out to for clarification on the matter.



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