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Man buys $260 Adidas football boots that begin to break after 4 months, says Adidas and seller refuse to take responsibility

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The customer felt the blame was going back and forth between the reseller and Adidas, and no one wanted to be accountable or take responsibility for the issue. Finally, he ended up buying a Nike product, as it has a clear policy on such matters

SINGAPORE: A man took to social media after being disappointed by the brand and seller of a pair of football boots that began falling apart after only four months.

Mr James Lim wrote on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook page on July 7 that he bought $260 Adidas boots from WestonSG just last January.

However, the stitching on the shoes came loose “after 4 months of less than 10 wears.”

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He then brought the shoes back to WestonSG, where he was told that it wasn’t the store’s problem because the issue with the boots was a manufacturer’s defect. Therefore, he needed to go directly to Adidas.

Taking this advice, I wrote to Adidas and was told that they are only responsible for product bought directly with them, even if it is manufacturer defects. Adidas advised that I should look for Weston instead.

Being treated like a soccer ball, I ended up buying Nike as replacement because I have totally lost trust in the Adidas brand I supported for years and because Nike have very clear policy on manufacturer defects covering 3rd party authorized dealer.”

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Mr Lim added that this is the first time he has encountered a problem with an Adidas product and that he had previously believed in their quality.

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“But once I knew that they don’t stand behind their products quality, that’s the moment I and all friends/family switched to other brands, for now it will only be Nike,” he added.

He also wrote that if someone buys a defective product from the brand via an authorized third party, they need to count themselves “UNLUCKY…BECAUSE YOU ARE AT FAULT FOR CHOOSING THIS BRAND’S PRODUCT AND NO ONE ELSE TO BLAME BUT ONESELF.

I hope this bring awareness as no one should face such issue especially from big brands/retailer.”

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Mr Lim, Adidas and WestonSG.


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