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Malaysia’s Health Ministry on war path with Kangen – a water device




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Malaysia’s Health Ministry has said that it will take action against the sale or promotion of Kangen water, a certain alkaline water device which the device manufacturer claims is a health supplement able to aid in the treatment of 150 chronic illnesses.

Commenting on the alkaline water product which has been promoted as a “miracle water”, Health Ministry director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said: “The Health Ministry views such promotion very seriously because it can mislead people into believing the water can cure various illnesses. Under the Food Regulations Act 1985 under the Food Act 1983, all water packed for consumption must be approved and licenced by the Health Ministry.”

The Kangen water equipment though has earned a “medical device” rating from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour.
certificate_62c47d5c4a442801809521719903f283Kangen Water™ is the name that Enagic, a Japanese company, has for its reduced ionized water after municipal or other potable water is run through their proprietary ionizer units. The water is named Kangen which is the Japanese word for “return to origin”, which means that the “water is returned to the way it was originally available when the planet was young and secondly that the body returns to the healthy way it used to be before suffering the toxic and debilitating stresses of aging.”

Enagic has offices and showrooms in several major cities of the world, including Singapore. The water product which is now in the bad books of health authorities in Malaysia, has been featured in several news outlets all around the world.
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