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Makansutra’s KF Seetoh: Hawker auntie came up to hug me after cleaning fees went down by $100




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The founder of Makansutra K.F. Seetoh took to Facebook earlier today to express how the little pushes that people give result in changes to the system of to unfavourable rules that hawkers have to endure.

In his post, he wrote about how he was shocked when a hawker auntie came up to hug him and to thank him for his help after the cleaning fees she had to pay were reduced by $100, from $300 that she had to pay initially to $200.

He wrote, “So don’t say nothing can be done. You support what you believe and do whatever you can to see it happen. Not just fold your arms and go KNN about the up-there problems”.


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About the positive changes that have thus far come about for the hawkers, he wrote, “The 20 cents tray return has been abolished and hawkers at Jurong now save about $800 on that alone. Now they are given rest days at Tampines (as if operators need to tell them that)”.

“And that compulsory $600 monthly “management fee” (the gall of them) at Ci Yuan has been switched to ‘optional”. Cleaning fees at Old Airport is now looking to be based on usage (way less if you use disposables- and i add it should be changed to bio grade ones)”, he added.

Seetoh also urged Singaporeans to support local hawker culture.

“Xingniankwai le folks. support the hawker culture at www.oursgheritage.sg ..dun just crow, support the hawkers”.



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