International Business & Economy Live chat and messaging gaining popularity when it comes to customer service

Live chat and messaging gaining popularity when it comes to customer service

Newer channels such as live chat, social media and texting have become equally popular with 73% reporting the use of at least one of these channels for customer service in the last 12 months




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A survey conducted by Dimensional Research and commissioned by Zendesk is showing an  increased reliance on channels other than the phone or emails to communicate with customer service.

Even though consumers report that the phone (78%) and email (77%) are the most used channels to communicate with customer service, newer “alternative” channels such as —live chat, social media, texting, etc.—are used widely, with 73% reporting use of at least one of these channels for customer service in the last 12 months.

“Younger people, both Gen Z and Millennials, prefer alternative channels when we examine both simple and complex customer service requests. When we asked consumers about their preference for one customer service communication method over another, more Gen Z (46%) and Millennials (32%) choose social media for simple requests in contrast to only 18% of Baby Boomers. The same held with complex requests where 23% of both Gen Z and Millennials choose social media compared to only 12% of Baby Boomers,” the report says.

The research focuses on quantifying the business impact of customer service in Singapore.

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To better understand why customers prefer using social media over other service channels, participants were asked their preferences.

The most common answer (68%) is that they get faster services through social media. Additionally, 64% prefer using social media because it is convenient, and the same number report they use social media because it’s easier to share pictures that show the problem.

Another trend is the will of consumers to search for answers on their own.

“If people can quickly solve problems on their own without contacting customer service that is good for both the customer that gets a quick answer and the service team that deflects ticket creation.

“This is something customer service organisations should take seriously because 98% of consumers say they have tried a self-service solution, including searching for a company’s FAQs, help centre, or other online resources. And more than a third (38%) report that they always do it. By investing in more efficient self-service options, companies can decrease the number of help tickets submitted, reduce handling times, and increase customer satisfaction,” said the report.

Malcolm Koh, CX Strategist APAC, Zendesk said, “Our research shows that though Singaporean customers are relatively demanding, they aren’t unreasonable. Brands that are able to meet and exceed expectations and deliver great customer experience will be rewarded with more of customer recommendations, referrals and greater brand loyalty.

“There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but all brands can start the journey of boosting the CX they provide by first deepening their understanding of their customers and building care, trust and relationship with them.”

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