The dating scene for liberal or woke women has been rather difficult. Most masculine men it seems would prefer to date a more conservative woman. However, there are a lot of differences in opinions when it comes to today’s world. Furthermore, the divide between the conservatives and liberals could not be any more obvious than it is now. 

According to the New York Post, a TikTok user, bemoaned the scarcity of non-conservative, chivalrous men in her dating pool. She desires a traditional masculine partner without conforming to conservative values. Seeking a gentleman who pays on dates and respects her independence, she emphasizes not wanting a traditional homemaker role. 

Furthermore, this sparked diverse opinions, with some criticizing her expectations as seeking benefits without effort. Others advocate for compromising beliefs in a relationship. Amidst comments, a few supported her while suggesting a change of location for better prospects. In a follow-up, she shared hope for a progressive-minded man, challenging criticisms and aiming for compatibility in her dating journey.

Liberal women complaining lack of masculine liberal men 

X users state that this is rather a common problem for most liberal women of today. Masculine men are generally conservative and would prefer to have a family and a wife who’s a housewife. The user then claims that the friends who are complaining about this are still single. 

In addition to this, users are saying that masculinity and liberalism do not go together. Others claim that the difference between a masculine man and a liberal man is like oil and water. However, this is mostly an overgeneralization of the entire topic. It is duly noted that there are liberal men who are masculine, but it is more common to find a conservative one.


Unfortunately, there are several sexist comments regarding the situation. Some men on X are saying that these women will find a “strong” man if they “go back to the kitchen.” Another user states that if these liberal women know how to make a good sandwich it is all set. Regardless, it is 2023, and the rights for women to work and earn their own income are here to stay.   

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