Lee Hsien Yang shares photo with PSP’s Brad Bowyer

Mr Lee has not been shy about his support for Dr Tan and the PSP. He once said: “I wholeheartedly support the principles and values of the Progress Singapore Party”




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In a Facebook post, , brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong shared a photo he took with of one of the Progress Singapore Party’s candidates, .

On June 18, it was Mr Bowyer who initially posted that very photo.

Mr Bowyer wrote: “In light of the announcement today I wanted to share this memory from last year with you all.

It is from one of our meetings and meals where we explored deeply what we think is wrong with Singapore and where it has gone wrong.

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My wife and I are looking forward to catching up again with Hsien Yang and his lovely wife after the Circuit Breaker ends tonight so we can continue those enlightening and critical discussions”.

“We come from very different places but what we both agree on is that no matter what happens in the political arena it is ultimately up to the citizens of Singapore to decide their future”, Mr Bowyer added.

On June 18, Mr Bowyer was names as a candidate for Dr ’s Progress Singapore Party () along with the following people; Francis Yuen, Hazel Poa, Muhammad Taufik Bin Supan, S Nallakaruppan and Gigene Wong.

Mr Brad Bowyer, formally from People’s Voice Party said that he can bring a unique “East-west point of view”, to generate new approaches to the problems we face said Dr Tan.

Described as a “formidable parliamentarian” by Dr Tan, Mr Bowyer said that despite the POFMA incident, he has been active on Facebook to stimulate conversation among Singaporeans.

“I was a little lost after I realized that I was staying with the establishment that no longer legitimized what I believed in. An establishment that was losing its way, putting private profits over public goods. Establishment that no longer had a heart”, he noted.

Mr Bowyer said that we’ve all seen “mistake after mistake, misstep after misstep and no one is held to account”, which is why he worked with the Progress Singapore Party (PSP) on its journey forward.

Mr Lee, the younger son of the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, has not been shy about his support for Dr Tan and the PSP. He once said: “I wholeheartedly support the principles and values of the Progress Singapore Party.”

On his part, at the public launch of the PSP, Dr Tan announced that Mr Lee was always welcome to join the party.

In another show of support for the Progress Singapore Party and its leader, Dr , a video of Dr Tan’s response to the release of the electoral boundaries report was shared on Sunday (March 15) in a Facebook post by Mr Lee. /TISG

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