Entertainment Celebrity Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook star in new drama

Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook star in new drama

Lovestruck is a romantic drama that depicts the love lives of young people struggling to survive in a hectic city




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The upcoming romance drama by KakaoTV, Lovestruck in the City recently shared new stills of its two leads. It is a romantic drama that depicts the love lives of young people struggling to survive in a hectic city. The first season is titled My Lovable Camera Thief (literal translation) and the drama is being produced with multiple seasons in mind.

The lead role of Park Jae Won is played by Ji Chang Wook and he is an honest and passionate architect who is a hopeless romantic. A ‘camera thief’ steals his heart one summer night and disappears and he is unable to get over her even after a year.

The role of the camera thief is played by Kim Ji Won and she is a freelance marketer named Lee Eun Oh who spontaneously chooses to adopt a false identity in an unfamiliar place just for fun. While posing as her free-spirited alter ego Yoon Sun Ah, she accidentally falls in love with Park Jae Won.

Ji Chang Wook plays Park Jae Won, a hopeless romantic. Picture: Instagram

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In the newly released stills, the two meet for the first time after escaping from the routine of their daily lives and arrive in a new place. Park Jae Won arrives at his destination and strides across the road as he looks around with a sense of excitement. Lee Eun Oh comes to pick him up and she leans out of the car window and smiles at him. He looks back at her with curiosity and wonder.

Park Jae Won and Lee Eun Oh have become closer in a short amount of time in the final still. The pair stand side by side as Park Jae Won prepares a document for his driver’s license test. He hunches his shoulders with a perplexed look while Lee Eun Oh leans on the table with a peaceful smile. All eyes are focused on how the pair’s romance will play out after their first fateful encounter.

“Lovestruck in the City” premieres on December 22 at 5 p.m. KST.

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