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‘Is this TADA service? If this is the kind of service they’re providing, I think company will go bust’ — Passenger unhappy with ride-hailing driver & customer service reps

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“Why should i make payment when i didn’t take the ride?” the passenger asked

SINGAPORE: A dissatisfied passenger took to social media with a complaint against a ride-hailing service TADA driver who reportedly had a “really bad” attitude. Moreover, the customer service representatives proved to be unhelpful as well.

A netizen who goes by Shawn Fish on Facebook posted on the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE page after a negative experience booking an Economy Large car for five people on TADA, which the driver accepted.

“His attitude toward us was really bad, it seems like he dislike malay as i am a chinese and the rest of the passangers are malay, with 1 lady who is pregnant,” Shawn wrote.

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When they asked how to put up the back seat, the driver told them to pull it up. As they were doing so, he asked how many people were riding.

Shawn answered five, as indicated during the booking. “He then commented, the car cant seat 5pax, only 4pax.. But it is obvious to us that his car is a 6 seater. So i asked him whether he wants to drive us or not, he said no and ask us to get off his car.”

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They exited the car, and the man drove off without cancelling the booking.

However, later that night, Shawn received a notice from TADA asking for payment for the booking.

“Why should i make payment when i didn’t take the ride?” asked Shawn, who had requested payment via QR code at an earlier point of the ride.

Upon calling TADA and speaking to an agent named Sarah, Shawn was told that the booking had been made under cash payment.

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When Shawn explained the situation, Sarah said she would escalate the matter and to wait for a reply via email.

Shawn called back after 10 minutes and tried to speak to Sarah again. An agent named Jonathan said, “he could not transfer the line and said that he could assist me…but before i could provide him my details, the line was disconnected by him. So rude of him to cut my line.”

The third call to TADA was answered by another agent named Michael.

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“He says the same thing but trys to cover his colleuge (sic) by saying, they cant transfer the call, and perhaps his colleuge, sarah didnt meant it that way about cash payment etc.,” Shawn wrote.

But Michael also explained that TADA’s SOP to escalate complaints to higher-ups and that a reply would come via email within three working days.

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When Shawn asked why it would be an email and not a call, Michael said again that this was SOP.

Shawn ended his post by asking, “Is this Tada Service? If this is the kind of service they are providing, i think their company will go bust,”

TADA Singapore Please take note of your Service Quality Assurance to Public.”

The Independent Singapore has reached out to TADA and Shawn.

Shawn told us that TADA emailed to say they were investigating the incident and would issue a personalized voucher.

However, for Shawn, the issue is all about the kind of service rendered by both the agents and the driver. /TISG

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