Lifestyle Entertainment 'Ingenious hacks' to keep entertained during quarantines, lockdowns and circuit breakers

‘Ingenious hacks’ to keep entertained during quarantines, lockdowns and circuit breakers

People get creative with simulating events such as a stewardess seeing to passengers aboard an aircraft and someone else mimics a club scene all in the comfort of their homes




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Singapore – With most of the public currently mandated to stay at home to limit the spread of , posts of people engaging in various activities to keep themselves busy and entertained are circulating online.

Winnie Heng, on Thursday (April 16), uploaded a video on Facebook of herself in the uniform highlighting that cabin crew could also “work” from home. She was seen greeting “passengers” at the door, pretending to “board a flight” complete with her luggage in tow and even offering customers drinks using a makeshift trolley. Her only passenger at the time was a poodle, her dog which only wanted treats and not gin, Pepsi or ice lemon tea which she had on her seat drinks trolley.

Ms Heng was then seen making an in-flight announcement from her bathroom, using a bidet as her microphone. “Welcome to Singapore ladies and gentlemen. And to all Singaporeans and residents of Singapore, a warm welcome home,” said Ms Heng, spoken like a true SQ girl.

When that was over, she knocked on a “lavatory” and proceeded to fold a sheet of into a triangle.

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According to a report, Ms Heng worked as a flight stewardess for seven years and was inspired to replicate a similar video shared by a stewardess in Malaysia. She hoped that her video provided some laughs to everyone, given the current situation.

Here’s the full video:


Posted by Winnie Heng on Thursday, April 16, 2020

In other news, a suggestion was proposed by Japanese twitter user Yukkun to those who miss and have a washing machine with a metal basket available. The mechanics are simple: load a club scene video in a smartphone or tablet, place it the bottom of the drum, and press play. Watch the flashing techno lights beautifully reflect inside the washing machine, mimicking a club atmosphere. Close the lid and the music gets muted, much like the sense of anticipation one feels before “entering” a club.

Of course, this might seem like an odd thing to do if other people were to see you doing it.

Photo: Twitter screengrab

Lastly, the video below was uploaded by All Singapore Stuff with the caption, “When you stay home for too long, with too many toilet papers.” The following video is sure to keep anyone engaged for hours.

Toilet Paper Domino

When you stay home for too long, with too many toilet papers<Reader's Contribution by Rui>

Posted by All Singapore Stuff on Wednesday, April 15, 2020

What’s your “ingenious hack” for keeping entertained during the ?

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