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‘I will never wear a mask,’ says foreigner in MRT after being told to wear one

Netizens call him "another who refused to wear a mask on MRT"




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Singapore – A video of a man explaining to passengers why “he will never wear a mask” while inside the has been circulating online, garnering responses from the online community to put him to task.

“Another who refused to wear a mask on MRT towards Redhill last night,” wrote a member of the public on Facebook on Saturday (May 8). “What shall we do to these people?”

“I will never wear a mask,” said the man. A passenger informed him that he could get a summon if he is found not wearing a mask.

“Do you know anything about what’s going on?” asked the man, before finding an empty seat to explain why he refuses to wear a .

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I’m very religious, and I love humans. He noted how he hated seeing others with a mask on.

“Have you researched what’s behind all this?” asked the man to a nearby passenger. “Have you researched Bill Gates…” he was heard saying.

The conversation becomes inaudible as the train arrived at a station.

“I’ve researched this one hard, and it’s not good,” the man continued saying.

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“Have you researched the Jesuits, the UN (United Nations), the World Health Organization?” he asked.

Eventually, another passenger hands the man an extra but was met with a disgusted expression.

Photo: FB screengrab/Keefe Chan

The conversation continued with the man referring to the vaccine. “So when your kids get infected with the vaccine, are you happy about it?” he asked.

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The nearby passenger confirmed that he was fine with it.

In Singapore, anyone caught not wearing a face mask when in public faces a fine of S$300 for the first offence and S$1,000 if they do it again. The new regulation was added to the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act on Apr 15.

The only few exceptions to not wearing a face mask in public include being engaged in strenuous activities, travelling alone in a car or van or with others living in the same household, or if one’s work requires them to wear other protective gear.

In response to the video, netizens wondered how the man could get into the station and train without a mask.

“This is truly disturbing. This (man) is obviously committing an act of and in the process behaving like nothing is wrong,” said Facebook user Bernardo Reyes. “I hope the authorities can identify and take action.” /TISG

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