International Asia Husband of Singaporean national killed in brawl at Thai resort

Husband of Singaporean national killed in brawl at Thai resort

Amitpal Singh Bajaj, 34, a British national, got into a brawl with Roger Bullman, a 54-year-old Norwegian citizen, and was subsequently killed




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Phuket—The husband of a Singaporean woman was killed on Wednesday, August 21, during a fight with a fellow tourist while on vacation at a resort in Karon, Phuket.

Thirty-four-year old Amitpal Singh Bajaj, a British national, got into a brawl with Roger Bullman, a 54-year-old Norwegian citizen, and was subsequently killed.

Mr Bajaj, his Singaporean wife, and their young son were staying in a room in the resort next to Mr Bullman.

Between 1:00 and 2:00 on the morning of August 21, Mr Bullman started singing on his balcony. Mr Bajaj came out to the adjacent balcony and proceeded to confront the Norwegian, telling him they needed quiet so that their son, who is only one year and eight months old, could sleep.

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This led to Mr Bullman kicking open the wooden door that separated the two balconies, and the two men began to fight.

Later, Mr Bajaj died while he was held in a choke hold by Mr Bullman.

Police Major Techin Deethongon from Karon police station said, ”They stayed next to each other. The British national stayed in Room 345 and the Norwegian national stayed in Room 344. The husband came out to complain about the loud noise because the couple has a young child. They then started wrangling. Later, the Norwegian national kicked open the wooden door on the balcony separating their rooms and they fought.”

“During interrogation, the Norwegian national claimed he was doing so to stop the other from moving but did not intend to kill him,” Major Deethongon added.

“Whether or not he would be released on bail depends on the judge. Charges will include trespassing at night and causing grievous bodily harm resulting in death.”

According to Major Ekkachai Siri of the Phuket Tourist Police narrated the incident to The Phuket News, “Mr Bullman was drunk and causing so much noise that hotel security came to warn Mr Bullman twice.

Mr Bajaj carried a steak knife into Mr Bullman’s room. They started fighting and Mr Bajaj stabbed Mr Bullman in left shoulder. Then Mr Bullman had Mr Bajaj in a choke hold and continued to choke him.

Mr Bullman had previously been trained in martial arts, but he said he did not attempt to kill Mr Bajaj. He didn’t think that Mr Bajaj had died,” the major said.

Mr Bullman has been released on bail by the Phuket Provincial Court. According to the press in Norway, he has paid a bail amount of around 60,000 kroner (about S$ 9000).

The Norwegian national is required to remain in Thailand until the charges against him have been heard in court.

British officials in Thailand have extended their assistance to the family of Mr Bajaj./ TISG

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