Entertainment Arts Hurley wore 'the dress' after being snubbed by top fashion designers

Hurley wore ‘the dress’ after being snubbed by top fashion designers

Former boyfriend Hugh Grant says this in new BBC documentary




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Model Liz Hurley became famous after wearing “the dress” but she wore that famous safety pin dress by complete accident.

Hurley, who is now 54, attended the premiere of Four Weddings And a Funeral with then-boyfriend Hugh Grant in 1994, turning heads with the iconic daring black gown that was held together by oversized gold safety pins.

Grant, 59, has shared why the dress was worn by the unknown 28-year-old date who accompanied him to the launch of the film, which made him a household name, in London’s Leicester Square: She had put on the stunning dress after being snubbed by a string of top designers.

Liz Hurley dated Hugh Grant in the past. Picture: Instagram

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Grant says in a new BBC documentary that Hurley had contacted several fashion houses in the hope they would lend her something to wear to the prestigious event. But they refused, saying that they had not heard of her.

The then 33-year-old Grant said that there was a big premiere and someone told them — when they knew nothing then, that he and Hurley could borrow things from top designers.

Hurley telephoned some top designers and they all asked who she was and rejected her.

Finally, Versace said that they could lend her a dress and they sent one round which was  the one with the safety pins.

Grant said Hurley put it on and he raised his eyebrows a fraction before setting off.

The photographers went into a frenzy when Hurley stepped out onto the red carpet. The dress then became to be an influence in the fashion industry.

In 2000, Hurley and Grant broke up because he was caught cheating on her with a Hollywood prostitute.

Hurley, who also runs a successful swimwear line, has insisted that she had no idea that her dress would generate so much discussion.

Harper’s Bazaar asked her last year whether she had any idea of how the outfit would go down in history. She replied: “No, not at all! How could I?”

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