Asia Malaysia Hotel staff should look for hidden cameras in rooms says MP

Hotel staff should look for hidden cameras in rooms says MP




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A series of sex videos released in Malaysia has prompted a Member of the Parliament from UMNO to request whether clients can demand for hotels to check for hidden cameras in rooms.

Malaysia has become the hotbed for sex scandal videos involving MP’s and Ministers. The latest sex scandal implicated Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali and a Parti Keadilan Rakyat member Haziq Aziz.

The perpetrators released the gay sex video a week after the Ramadan month in Malaysia. They filmed the videos in a hotel room, at the Hotel Four Points Sandakan, Sabah.

A Barisan Nasional lawmaker, Noh Omar, complained about the privacy in hotel rooms and asked Parliament whether clients could demand hotels to safeguard their privacy and rights.

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He says people that enter hotels should be able to request for the hotel management to check the rooms because if there is a hidden camera, “our images and video clips will go viral.”

He also mentioned that the circulation of the homosexual videos in Malaysia purportedly showed the minister and Haziq involved in gay sex but did not specify names.

Another Barisan lawmaker asked Parliament whether people could now be naked when taking baths in hotel rooms.

On the other hand, Home Affairs minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that the police are still investigating the alleged sex video and aiding a task force, set up last month.

He said that the work of the task force should not be interrupted with no time frame given to the police.

PKR Youth chief Haziq Abdullah Abdul Aziz alleged his sexual encounter with Azmin was recorded without his knowledge while Azmin has described the video as slander and an attempt to ruin his political career.

The PKR, which is Anwar Ibrahim’s party, has sacked Haziq but says the latter can fight back against the sacking. The party did not take any actions against Azmin.

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